Review: Christmas Shopping Online – Presents Please!

christmas present

I don’t know how you’re doing with your holiday shopping, but if you are anything like me with family all over the world, I rely on Christmas shopping online. It’s easy, quick and if we do it in the next 3 days (yikes!) it will arrive just in time for the holidays.

So with thousands of places to go, and we already know the usual places, I wanted to see if there was somewhere unique to find something different for my Christmas Presents this year. However I needed a site that I could trust to do the job and of course have a good selection of gifts for everyone on my list. The best part is that no only do they ship in the UK, they also ship to Europe and in fact to most parts of the world.

The website also had to have

  • Easy return policy
  • Excellent customer service
  • Privacy and Security
  • Good product description and photos
  • Easy to navigate and order

So what’s a cool place to shop online? How about Presents for Men and check out there great selection for everyone in the family. It’s not just for men, it’s for everyone on your Christmas list. Their products are good quality, innovative and unique at prices that will make your tail wag.

I especially enjoyed how they had special sections such as gifts for pet lovers, stocking fillers and Vintage to name just a few categories. In fact I found a Wag Cool product that I just had to blog about!

The selection for pet lovers has great choices of wagging cool products for pet lovers at all price ranges. If you have a loveable lab loving friend needing something from Santa-Paws you’re going to love the selection of Labrador related products like coffee mugs or a black and white tea towel. The best part you can shop the section or in fact the whole website by

  • Price range
  • Customer ratings
  • refine by type of gift

So do a little doggie stretch and get your paws on your mouse and get those last little Christmas Presents before it’s too late!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I’d recommend that you have a little sniff around their website and see if you find something that will be woof, woof perfect for this holiday season.

I would give this unique site…4 wags for wagging reviews for dog friendly things