6 "Out of the Box" Funny and Creative Names for Pets

creative dog names

When it comes to choosing pet names, some people prefer to stick with something traditional while others opt for funny. You get to have complete control over the name of your pet, and since you can be a bit more creative and hilarious with a pet’s name than you can with a child’s name, some people take full advantage.

The following are six funny and creative names for pets.

1. Your Mom

There are people out there who have named their dog or cat “Your Mom” for the sole purpose of using it as an expression. For example, if a dog named Your Mom had an accident in the hallway, the owner can say, “Your Mom peed/pooped in the hallway.” This can be fun to do, especially if the people you’re talking to don’t realize that the name of the dog is Your Mom.

2. First Name/Last Name

Some people name their pet’s first name so that it hilariously coincides with the last name. For example, if a person’s last name was Johnson, they may choose to  name the pet Big, Little, Fat, Long or anything else that would be funny when combined with the last name.

3. Animals

Some people prefer to use creative humor by naming their pet as another animal. For example, some people may choose to name their cats Dog. Or some may choose to name a dog Goldfish. Though it may not make you fall over laughing, it’s the intellectual humor that makes this a favorite.


4. Celebrities

Like Your Mom, some pet owners choose to name their pets after celebrities so that it sounds funny in conversation. For example, naming a cat Ryan Gosling would be funny when you’re saying, “Ryan Gosling coughed up a hairball.” Owners like this because they can have fun with it. They can either name them after a celebrity they like, or they can choose a celebrity that would be funny for the animal. For example, naming a large dog  after a short celebrity or naming a small dog after a buff celebrity adds to the humor.

5. Job Titles

Think of the strangest job title (or the most unpleasant) and use that to name your pet after. For example, some people have named their pets Podiatrist, Gynecologist, OBGYN, and more just to be strange, funny and creative with their names.

6. Stay

If you want to choose a funny and creative name that is also cruel, you should consider naming your pet Stay. This way, when you want them to go with you, you would say, “C’mon. Let’s Go, Stay.” If you don’t like to use Stay, you could always opt for another action word—it would have the same effect.

Getting to choose a pet’s name can be fun, and there are plenty of funny and creative names out there for you to choose if you think long and hard about it. Always remember, though, that you will need to use this name in public, so if you will be uncomfortable yelling it across your neighborhood or telling the vet, then you may want to stray away from it.

Caleb Grant is a freelance writer and avid blogger.  He enjoys spending time with his dogs and recently wrote about some of the bestpet names around.