On the road back home in 90 days!-Maggie’s travel journal

moving house with dog

So I got the news today that we are finally heading back home! I’m very excited that I’ll be going back to my old stomping ground. We spend a little over two years here in Switzerland, which I must say was a wonderful place to live. I enjoyed the walks, views, and the dog friendly people. However it’s time for Trina and I to move back home and get ready to produce our new product and meet new people, dogs and see new places.

However moving from one country to another require a lot of planning,  to make the move go smoothly!

We need to …

  • Sort and pack the house.
  • Make dog friendly travel arrangements.
  • See my Vet and update make sure my passport is in order to travel.
  • Move out of Switzerland (not an easy feat I’ve been told)

So I thought I’d keep a little journal of all the things we are doing for the move. Here are 3 tips for getting your toys and bedding ready for the move.

  • Time to check your toys. This is an excellent time to see what toys have expired or have been destroyed and clear them out. Especially toys that may have cracks, sharp edges or long strings hanging from them, these now could be dangerous to your pet. Just remember that some toys, like my bunny, even though it’s all ripped up and it’s my favorite is coming with me while I travel.
  • Get washing: Grab all your soft toys, blankets and bedding and give them a wash. Rubber toys and the like give a good clean so that everything will be fresh and new when you arrive to your new home.
  • Crates, dog bags and beds: Again this is a perfect time to make sure they are in working order and washing them so that they too are ready for travel.
Maggie's Bunny

My Bunny

Maggie’s travel journal will be updated with tips, suggestion, and what we are doing to make a smooth trip home.  Also thanking all the people who will help make our move go smoothly. Hope that you enjoy them!