Traveling With Your Dog: When It’s Not a Good Idea

traveling with dogs

Many dog owners take their pets with them when they travel whether it’s for business or pleasure. Traveling with your dog is fun, a good bonding experience and dogs can be a lot of company. In addition, you can’t leave them at home alone so traveling with them just makes good sense.

However, there are times when it would be better to leave your pet at home instead of taking him with you on vacation or business trips. Here are a few different scenarios in which traveling with your dog is not a good idea.

Traveling Is Not Your Pets Favorite Thing to Do

While you may love having your four-legged companion with you, some dogs simply don’t like to travel. It can make them feel sick, nervous or uncomfortable. Some dogs love it and look forward to the new adventure but others would whether stay home and relax in their bed.

A lot depends on the breed of the dog, her age, health and temperament. If your dog does love to travel, then by all means, take her with you when you can. However, if she really does not seem to care much for it, make other arrangements when you have to be away.

You’re Using Public Transportation

When you’re traveling by public transportation such as plane, train or bus, it’s not a good idea to take your pet along. With the exception of medical reasons, most forms of public transportation will not allow dogs to travel with you. The ones that do allow it can be costly. If you’ll be using public transportation to get to your destination or after you arrive, then it’s not a good idea to take him alone.

You’re Not Sure Where You’ll Stay

Lodging plays a huge factor in whether or not you should travel with your dog. Not all hotels allow dogs and even if you’re staying with friends or family, they may not be able to accommodate a dog in their home. They may not have anywhere for her to get exercise or someone in the home could be allergic to dog hair and dander. If you’re not sure lodging is available for your pet, it’s not a good idea to take your pet along.

You’re Planning a Long Stay

When you’re planning a long stay, it’s not a good idea to take your pet with you. Just like humans, dogs get homesick after awhile. If you’re planning to stay a long time, he may be better off staying at home with other family members or in a kennel where they will take care of all his needs until you return.

You Won’t Have Any Free Time

When you won’t have time to spend with your pet on the trip, there is no need for her to go. If it’s a business trip where you’ll spend most of your time in meetings and you won’t have any time for your pet, she can get very lonely stuck in a strange hotel room all alone for days.

While there will be many times when you can take your pet along, keep in mind that there are times when traveling with your dog it’s not a good idea. These are the times when you need to make other arrangements to ensure your pet’s health and well being comes first.

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