How to Dog Proof Your Property

pet proof your home

Owning a dog can be a really fun and rewarding experience. They can fill your life full of joy and can give such loving companionship. As a dog owner, you will have to protect your dog from things that may cause them harm. Below are some tips on dog proofing your house.

Put up a good fence.

Dogs can get through the smallest of spaces. If you have a puppy (or a very stubborn dog), they may not have learnt to come when they are called. In this case, you really do need a good fence up as if your puppy squeezes through a hole in your fence no matter how much you call them they will not return. The worrying thing is you may lose them as they might run into a road or get picked up by someone else. If the safely of your puppy is a high priority ensure you do have a good strong fence up that is high enough so that they can’t jump over and low into the ground so that they can’t dig underneath. There are many fencing suppliers out there who provide fences thick, strong and durable enough to ensure your dog is kept within your garden.

Keep small pets in out of reach enclosures.

Some dogs, such as terriers and gun-dogs have been bred to catch small rodents such as rats and rabbits. If you have any small pets in your household make sure they are in a secure cage or enclosure out of dog paws way. You may like to think that your dog is lovely and couldn’t hurt a fly but it is always a good idea to make sure you never run the risk of your other pets getting hurt. If you do wish your pets to interact with each other make sure you are there to supervise and that your smaller pets can be easily rescued.

Keep harmful objects out of reach.

Installing child proof locks on cupboards, especially the ones under the sink ensure your dog won’t get in there and eat something harmful. Like with children, you may find you need to keep small objects out of reach in case they chew on it and swallow something that may hurt them. Keep objects out of reach by installing shelving systems  throughout your property.

If you got a bigger dog and there’s belongings that you don’t want damaged by their activities, you can opt to arrange a storage unit at Self Storage Southampton where you can

place the items safely out of reach from your dog


Hopefully with these household tips you should keep your dog happily wagging its tail for years to come!