I Want My Dudley Dog Toy to Snuggle

dudley dog toy

I love my soft toys to snuggle and play with and when I saw this cute little dog, I thought it would be my perfect mate! It comes from the Stretchin’ & Fetchin’™ product line and is by JW Pet. There is actually four different little animals to choose from, but my favorite was the Dudley Dog Toy.

Each character is made with a soft & cuddly fabric perfect to snuggle with.  Dudley dog has a long  stretchy body that would be totally fun to play tug with or just toss around. What’s wag cool about Dudley is that each paw has a squeaker…that makes four squeakers that I can make a sound with while giving it a good shake! totally adorable!

Check them out

Website: JW Pet

Location: 1 United Lane, Teterboro NJ 07608, USA

ring ring: 1-800-407-7826