5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy

Having a dog does not need to be as complicated as you think it may be, you just need to follow some simple rules and your dog will be happy. It is important that you understand all the factors of having a pet dog and not just assume that you are going to cope. Once you have your dog, there is no going back so you need to ensure that you know exactly how to look after him to keep him happy. There are 5 simple things which you should keep in mind when having a dog to ensure that he is happy.


The key to keeping your dog happy in your home is by providing him with plenty of exercise. It is advised that you should walk your dog for 30 minutes each day, this will give him time to burn off some of the energy which he has run up. However, it does also depend on what breed dog you have, if you have a smaller dog you don’t need to walk him for as long as 30 minutes a day. If you have a big dog such as a Labrador then you should try and give him a longer walk than 30 minutes each day.


As well as burning off his physically energy, you also need to have time to burn off your dog’s mental energy. The perfect way to do this is by training your dog, this is something that both you and your dog should enjoy doing together. As well as keeping your dog occupied, training will also reinsert the idea that you are your dog’s master; this will make sure that he stays well behaved in your home.


Dogs are quite similar to humans in some ways, just like any human, dogs also need to get their vitamins and nutrition’s to keep him healthy. You should not just buy the cheapest dog food available, you should look up which food will be the best for you dog. You can find this out by researching what your dog needs in his food to keep him healthy.


To keep your dog happy and healthy you should regularly take him to the vet to have a check-up. If you have your dog from a puppy, then you should already know that you have to take him to the vet to his injections. The injections will protect your dog from any injections or viruses which can be caught outdoors. You will need to take your dog for booster jabs every year to keep him healthy.


You will no doubt have to go out and leave your dog in the house alone; you will have to make sure that he is happy when he is in your home. A way that you can be sure that he is going to be happy, is by going to a dog bed and toy specialist and getting him treats which he is going to love. This will keep his mind preoccupied from being home alone and will also provide him with lots of fun and interaction.

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