Dog Friendly Colorado: Bring Your Fuzziest Friend on Your Ski Vacation

dog friendly colorado

Ah, winter! The season of snow-covered peaks, fluffy scarves, perfectly poised hot chocolate, and family ski vacations.


Here in the US, one of our favorite spots to snuggle up during the winter for some ski adventures is rugged, outdoorsy Colorado. And of all the ski towns in the Rocky Mountains, one of our personal favorites is Breckenridge.


Sure, you’ve got ritzy Aspen, popular Vail, and a whole slew of other options, but Breckenridge, with its down-home, lived-in feel and its super dog-friendly options is really something special.


Just in case you (like us) want to head out to Breckenridge for some snowy winter fun with your dog, here is our overview of dog-friendly Breck (pro tip: call it Breck and you’ll sound like a local)!


Dog-friendly lodges & housing

One of the most popular spots for puppy travelers is the Lodge and Spa at Breckenridge. Located just up the mountain (and with a free bus running down into town), this log cabin-style lodge doesn’t just accept dogs—it celebrates them. In fact, the moment we walked through the door, we were greeted with snuggles, treats, and a blackboard with a list of all the current dogs in residence.


The Lodge and Spa pricing starts around $100 per night, plus $20 per pet per night. They allow up to two dogs per room.


The only downsides: you can’t leave your dog unattended in the room (so if you go out to dinner, you’ll have to take your dog along) and the dog can’t get on the furniture (we got around this by spreading our own big dog blankets on the bed so our pets could snuggle up on the end of the bed without getting dirt or hair on the comforter, which is just good manners anyway, right?).


If you aren’t up for hotel pet policies and restrictions, another great option is renting an apartment. There are tons of options over at Airbnb and here’s the trick when it comes to dogs: find a few apartments you love and even if they say no pets, ask anyway! Rentals through sites like Airbnb are offered by private owners. This means that if they haven’t found a renter (and want one) or if you’ve got a small, well behaved, non-shedding, or otherwise above average canine, chances are someone will make an exception for you.


Dog-friendly shops

Just about every shop on the main Breckenridge shopping streets is dog friendly. In fact, many of them have their own canine mascots snuggled up behind the counter. One of our particular favorites is Goochi Poochi and Me, where you can grab a dog sweater, some booties for snowy hikes, or just a snuggle from one of their poodle mascots.


Dog-friendly eating

Sadly, the FDA prohibits live animals in any retail establishment where food is served in the US—so in the wintertime, there aren’t many options for doggie dining (in any American town). That said, if you head to Breck in the summer for some hiking, many of the patios are dog friendly.

dog friendly colorado park

Carter Park dog park

Want to give your dog some off-leash playtime? Head over to Carter Park, where the locals bring their dogs for a rowdy round of fetch.


Planning for a safe visit

Whenever you take your dog on vacation with you, it’s always a good idea to know where to find a nearby vet in case of emergencies. We didn’t have to use the vet (so we can’t tell you much about bedside manner or anything), but the office in our Breckenridge Rolodex is Breckenridge Animal Clinic. We recommend familiarizing yourself with their hours and location—just in case.


About the author/bio

John Hatcher is a dog lover, outdoor enthusiast, and world traveler. In 2003, he started EzyDog—a company that makes products for active dogs and their owners. He lives in Sandpoint, Idaho with his wife and Vizsla mix and spends as much time outside as possible.