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When I was a little pup, my first BFF was a Great Dane Puppy named Daisy. We loved playing together and I use to run around her legs as we played in our local dog park.  As a puppy, I didn’t even think that her needs could be a little bit different than mine, so I wanted to learn a little bit more about long legged dogs and I thought Wellstone from Big Bark Online would be the perfect dog to ask.

Ever wondered what you may need if you had a big dog? Are they harder to take care of? Where can I get things that will fit the needs for my lovable large dog? Well there is an excellent place that tells you all you need to know about living with a larger than life dog.

Big Barks is the resource for big dogs! It was 100% inspired by two Great Danes, Wellstone and Webster and with the assistance of Andrea Laine Keirn, Big Bark Online was born.

Big Barks Wellstone


Tell me a little about yourself…

Well besides being the inspiration of Big Bark Online, I also modeled for the logo, that’s my silhouette as the letter A in Bark. I also have to let you know that Webster, even though he’s only a year old really gave us the push to start a community driven small business dedicated to the needs of medium and extra large dogs and their owners who love them.  So we convinced Andrea to leave her corporate job and spend more time with me and Webster,  and give back to our wonderful community. We gave her the nudge, and considering we’re Great Danes, its hard not to notice a nudge from us, so now she is  pursuing  her dream of owning her own business.

Webster sounds like a sweet dog, what’s he like?

Webster is the type of dog that is a constant reminder of the good we can do for others and animals, and that you should never give up. When Webster was As a young puppy, he was diagnosed with severe parvo just 3 days after we adopted him. He was given a 50/50 chance to live- and after 2 weeks of not eating- he did. However, just after his release from the hospital, he was diagnosed with severe pneumonia. Again, he was given a 50/50 chance to live- this time his lungs were almost 100% filled with fluid. After several weeks of treatments and stays in the hospital- he defied all odds and made it again. He has grown into a loving and comical dog we couldn’t live without.

Tell me about your website…Big Barks Online Webster

Big Bark is a place where other owners and lovers of larger dogs can communicate, share stories and photos and recommendations. We provide community driven reviews and tips based on others experiences, and everyone’s voice carries equal weight. We recognize that some of the best ideas come from others who have had the same experience- rather than professional dog trainers (though we do work with them also). We expanded the website to include a Boutique full of big dog-only items, toys durable and large enough for bigger dogs, and sweaters and coats and beds that are hard to find. The Boutique also includes apparel for those who love dogs too.

Thanks Wellstone, the website sounds great and it’s just what larger dogs need. Little dogs always have plenty of fancy boutiques, and it seems that everything is geared towards little dogs and that they usually don’t have the problem of traveling or enjoying a night out at the pub. It’s nice to see a website dedicated to larger dogs and the different challenges they face. Especially finding dog friendly places to hang out with your peeps. I assume it can be challenging finding  apartments to rent, pubs to visit, and hotel to go away to on holiday when you a larger than life type of dog.

Exactly…finding the limited number of places that allow larger dogs is what we are all about. We want to be the go-to for everyone who needs something for their larger dog. Collars that are the right size but still stylish, a bed large enough for us to actually fit on, and big dog training tips, food recommendations, travel tips and more- we have it all and are continuing to expand.

Very exciting and I’m wagging excited that you are expanding this year. A good navigational website and a data base of dog friendly apartment would be fantastic! It sounds like the perfect resource for big dogs. Now I always like to end my wagging interviews with two of favorite questions…

Best advice on owning a dog?

My best advice- love them. Get to know their personalities and allow them to be a part of your family. Dogs can be such interesting, special and often inspiring animals.

Things you would suggest in regards to traveling with a big dog?

Traveling with a big dog advice- visit our site for ideas and tips- plus soon we will have a section dedicated to large dog friendly hotels. and- bring enough food!

Check them Out!

Website: Big Bark Online

Location: Based in Chicago, Illinois (but a global resource)

Update! Help Big Bark Online Grow… check out their Indiegogo Campaign

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