Maggie’s Travel Journal…69 days to go!

Maggie's travel Journal

Boy did I get a walk this Sunday! One of the things my peep likes to do is when she has a lot on her mind is to go for a nice long walk. Usually we

take nice long walks in the Swiss country side while she thinks, throws out a word or two…asking for my beagle wisdom.


013_Prangins_schloss_vorne2 (Photo credit: jakobsweg2011)

This time we walked to Prangins, a small village next to us and walked everywhere… We walked all over the Chateau grounds, we walked all over the Marina and then we walked through the town and back home…whew I was beat!

Maggie’s Travel Journal

You see we had the estate agent around to view the apartment last week. It actually went really well, everything was basically the same as when we moved into the apartment, except for a nail or two. And yes they do come with a 6 page list of everything in your apartment and what notes were taken about the condition when you first moved into the apartment. They checked every wall, flush toilets, ran the water, turn all the locks, looked in your fridge, stove, oven, and dishwasher, blinds, gates, and check out the ceiling too. I got so bored that I went to my crate for a nap.

They did decide to re-do the hardwood floors after we leave. Not because of us, but that they just needed doing. However for the pleasure of having this mandated appointment and terminating our lease, we got charged 150.00 Swiss Franc! Go figure, getting a bill for moving.

However that was not what was getting my peep all thinking, it was the check list that needs tending to and waiting on!

Considering its just me and Trina moving we need to clear the house out into three different lots. So step one is organizing and de-clutter!

So we have to decide prior to our move, to sort all this stuff out. Its always a good idea though, due to it helps organize you and will save you money during your move, especially getting rid of stuff which isn’t needed any longer.

walking in Pagins

Oh my, where to begin? Well we decided we have four parts to our move which are:

  1. Stuff that is coming with us.
  2. Stuff that is going to charity.
  3. Stuff that goes to my peeps ex-partner, due to he’s staying here in Switzerland.
  4. A trip to the dump.
Salvation Army

Salvation Army (Photo credit: zieak)

So we decided we need to get boxes, and over the next couple of weeks we will use them to sort all our stuff. We have a spare room so we are going to set it up as a moving room and use the boxes for things that are not coming with us, things staying, things for the dump and things for charity. This way all is organized and we’ll also make a list of new things we need once we head home.

We are going to use The Salvation Army for all our extra things and they are nice enough to actually come by and pick it all up for us. We have loads of things, chairs, couches, dining table, clothing, and knick knacks, so we’re looking forward to letting all these things go.

We’ll that’s about it, Big walk and massive clean-up! Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to de-cluttering? Shoot me a comment so I can help my peep out!