A Dog Wagging Snow Day in Nyon Switzerland

Dog Wagging Snow Day

I love the snow, let it snow, I love the snow. There is something about the coolness that makes me want to run and play. This is why I call it my dog wagging snow day.

Why Do I like many dogs love snow so much? It’s because as the weather cools I become more energetic. The colder weather allows me to run and play more without over heating.

In snow I can investigate, and more it around. I can dig, snort, and bounce. I can even tunnel in it if I want. It makes my old boring walk new again, it’s like a shiny new toy. It’s new and exciting that’s why.

Just a wonderful dog wagging snow day. We took a long walk just outside of Nyon, Switzerland, near lake Geneva and it was a peaceful wagging day.

How do you enjoy the snow… Are you a runner, digger or snorter!