Wide Range Of Boarding Options For Your Pet While You Travel

boarding your pet

As much as we like to believe our pets are just another family member, many places we go do not feel the same way. It is not always feasible for us to take our furry little loved ones with us, so we need a place to board them. Our pets probably are best to keep at home with a pet sitter, a family member, or a pet boarding home when go on a honeymoon, a vacation to Hawaii, a cruise, or a business trip. So, there are times when we travel that we need to board our pets.

If you are wondering what to do with your loved pet when traveling and are not sure how to choose the best place to board them, this piece will discuss options and how to make that all-important decision. Plus, in making the best decision for your pet will reduce their anxiety while you are gone.

Family Members Can Watch Your Pets

If you have loving, understanding, and capable family members who are willing to take your pet for the time you are away on vacation or business, then it may be a great option, and certainly less costly. If your pet knows the family members and has a good relationship with them and you know that they will get the love, care, and attention they require, then definitely make this one of your main considerations. Buy the pet food that they like, plus the treats they love, and be sure to bring along their favorite toys and bed so they have less separation anxiety.

Pet Sitter

You may look for professional pet sitters who can either take care of your pet in your home or in theirs. These people are expensive, though unknown to your pet, but provide familiarity to your pet by keeping them in your home. If the care takes place in the sitters home, then at least they will get 24/7 personal attention.

Unique Places to Board Your Pet

Luxury pet hotels are the latest rage for those seeking more than a typical boarding home for their pets while they travel and go on vacation. They are expensive and cater to those seeking a 5-star resort for their polished and spoiled pet. From plush beds, large rooms with televisions, indoor- and outdoor play areas, special pet foods, room service, day spas, personal fitness, and daily maid and housekeeping services, plus, lots and lots of attention to every detail to meet the needs of a spoiled pet.

A Pet Boarding Home

Most people who board their pets don’t have family members available to step up, or the money to pay for a luxury suite at a pet resort, so they look to the traditional pet boarding home, kennel, or veterinarian clinic to meet the needs of their beloved animals. The best option for most is the veterinarian clinic because it allows them to take care of multiple pet needs that the previous two groups are unable to.

Veterinarian clinics are typically quite affordable and give the pet owner options that will meet the overall wellness needs of your pet. These include grooming services that will provide haircuts, toe nail clippings, anal cleanings, baths and brushings. Additionally, your pet can get its annual comprehensive health exam that is a head-to-toe check-up that may include blood work, organ exams, teeth cleaning, and extensive care for any health issues. As well, your pet will get daily attention, puppy play time and interaction with other animals, affection, and most allow the pet owner to bring in their bed, play toys, treats, and more, like the owners t-shirt so that the pet will have their smells close by to reduce the separation anxiety many experience when away from their owners in a strange environment. Finally, if your veterinarian clinic is the place where you get them groomed and medically cared for, they will be in an environment that is familiar to them with people they familiar with. Not all vet clinics have boarding, as it is a relatively new addition to many of them, but there are many who offer comprehensive services, like the Catawba Animal Clinic, that are trustworthy, affordable, caring, and well run.


There are many options for those who are traveling for business and vacations to place their pets in great environments. You must decide what your budget is and what your comfort level is for each. If you do not have a regular boarding home for your pet, be sure to look for one a couple of weeks before placing them in one. Make your decision and then ask to bring your pet in to that location a couple of times before you leave so they can develop some familiarity with the place where they will call home while you are away.

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