Maggie’s Travel Journal…52 days to go!

wordless Wednesday blog hop

Believe it or not, my peep went to New York City without me! I love New York, and I would have loved to have gone along and given a few wags to Maggie's travel journalthe people and dogs that I love there.  Also its my blog and my travel stories so how can I add to my journal if I’m not traveling?

However…She said she had a few meetings and considering she was only going to be there for a few days she decided it was better that I hang out at Lily’s house for the days she was gone. Which I don’t mind at all, due to Lily has trained her peeps to be excellent staff to us dogs.

Good news to report…This is what she’s doing:

  • Is staying at a dog friendly Hotel: The Standard, Highline (clever girl!)
  • She’s having meetings about our new products. (yippee!)
  • She’s checking out the latest Dog friendly places that the Big Apple has to offer! (wag cool!)

So it looks like I’ll have some things to report!

You see we might have the opportunity to spend some time in New York which would be really fantastic! However Trina is still trying to deal with moving issues here in Switzerland. There has been some friction here about us leaving, which I’ll tell you all about once we sort it out. However I like to call it…never let me go!

Crazy how some peeps can be really strange. Any bark, just an update and will post to Maggie’s travel journal really soon!