Top 4 Ways To Boost Your Dog IQ Without Paying The Tuition Fees

how to teach your dog

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How much do you really know about dogs? Do you know what their body language says about them? Do you know what their natural tendencies are? Do you know exactly what diet they need to provide them with optimal health? If you are like most people, you would answer ‘no’ to many of these questions, and that’s okay. Unless you are in college or university receiving an education surrounding dogs, there is not much pressure to learn about the mechanics of a dog. However, understanding dogs better can help you to relate to them better and fulfill all of their requirements for health and happiness. Following are four ways to boost your dog IQ.


1. Watch Dogs Interact


One of the best ways to learn about dog body language is to go to a dog park. Dogs do not go in there on their best behavior; instead, they go into a dog park acting on instinct and typical dog behavior. If you have a few hours to watch dogs as they play and interact, then you will be able to pick up many interesting things about their body language and what it indicates.


Watch how they approach each other and how they hold their tails and ears. With practice you will be able to spot what a dominant dog looks like and what a submissive dog looks like. You will also pick up on subtle hints through their body language that indicates a fight could be about to occur. In short, you will be considered a ‘dog whisperer’ when you are able to tell how a dog is feeling and what type of personality they are simply through their body language.


2. Subscribe To Animal Planet


TV captures our full attention and focus, and we often retain a lot of useless information in our heads. Instead of spending your time watching the latest reality TV show, take a few minutes out of your TV time to watch a show about dogs. You will be amazed at the little insights you will get from a half an hour show, and if you watch enough of these shows you can quickly become a dog expert in no time.


3. Go To A Dog Health Food Store


One of the best ways to learn about proper dog nutrition is to go to a dog health food store. I’m not talking about big name stores that carry all kinds of cheap and expensive kibble alike. I’m talking about stores that specialize in grain-free and species-appropriate diets.


The people who own and work at dog health food stores need to be very educated about a dog’s nutritional needs. (I know, I’ve worked there.) It is their job to offer suggestions for what type of diet would work best for your dog’s age, breed, exercise level, and specific issues. In addition, they can explain exactly why your dog will benefit from the diet, which will add to your dog IQ.


4. Subscribe To A Dog Magazine


The great thing about magazines is that they update every month. Any new discoveries about dogs and their health will be updated as well. Not only will this boost your dog IQ, but it will also help you surpass most people by consistently knowing the latest news.


By utilizing the above four ways to boost your dog IQ, you will receive a well-rounded education about your dog without having to pay the tuition! The more you learn about dog’s health and behavior, the easier it will be to fulfill your dog’s needs and give them the happy, healthy life they deserve.