Kooldog’s Modern Dog House is Wag Cool

kooldog modern dog house
I like having my own personal space, and currently I have my crate that I love, and it has traveled with me from New York, Hong Kong, The UK and Switzerland and will be coming back home with me on my next move. But when I stumbled onto Kooldog’s Modern Dog House, I thought now that’s a wag cool dog house to call home. It looks amazing and would look awesome in anyone’s living room.

It comes as a basic white unit with three accent colors that you can choose to match with your home decor. They best part is you can add a gate to turn it into a very chic crate. Super private and oh so cozy with a matching cushion that’s a machine washable slip cover made of Microfiber Suede Fabric .

Clean, modern and chic dog crate living…very wag cool!

Sorry big dogs, currently Kooldog’s dog house is only available for small and medium size dogs! And I’m a medium dog!

Check them out

website: Kooldog

Where: 9251 Yonge Street, Suite# 8-930
Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 9T3

Email: contact@kooldog.ca