Hoo-Rag for Dogs: Match & Share your Dog’s Wagging Style!

Hoo-rag for dogs

I’m not the type of dog who likes to wear clothing, shoes or jackets, it’s just not my style. I prefer going all natural,  a good collar, and a cool dog tag is usually what I like to sport  and express myself when I am out and about. So when I received two bandanas from Hoo-rag, I was a little skeptical…would I enjoy wearing something around my neck? How is that going to work?

So when my peep took one out of the bag, the first thing I noticed was that it was light weight, seamless, and colorful. Hmm…I must admit I was intrigued, and it looked like a little neck scarf. I thought well, my peep wears a scarf around her neck,  so I allowed her to slip it on my neck for the day.

During the day I wore it, I ran, sniffed, slept and even went out to my local pub with it on, it really felt comfortable. Considering its been cold these last few days, I appreciated having something around my neck to keep me warm. I must admit I looked kinda cool and I got loads of compliments on my Hoo-Rag.

hoo-rags for dogs

My day in my Hoo-rag…walking, sniffing and snoozing.

The next day Trina popped it in the wash to see how it would hold up. Well it came out all clean and in perfect shape, still stretchy and colorful. And then to my surprize, she put it on herself. She tried it a few different ways, first as a snug, just like how I wore it, then she tied up her hair in a ponytail, and then keep it as a headband for the rest of the day. Go figure, I though it was for me and about how dogs like the Hoo-rag. Jeez…

What’s a Hoo-Rag?Hoo-rags for dogs

Well a Hoo-Rag is a stylish bandana to add a little flair to your look. Just slip it over your head and let it sit nicely over your collar or harness.

  • It’s made of a polyester micro fiber
  • Designed in a handy one piece tubular construction
  • Easy to slip over your dog’s head, and it stays put…No worries about it coming un-tied.

Hoo-rag for dogs?…You bet!

What I really liked about the Hoo-rag is that it’s really easy to wear, especially for us dogs who are not really into dressing up. They come in a load of patterns, and colors to express your personal wagging style. What’s even better your peeps can get matching ones so that you all can look like a styling pack. They can even do custom rags with your own personal design or logo. It’s as easy as a dog wag, send them your logo, their designer’s will contact you for details and the next thing you know, they are shipping you your own personal designed Hoo-rag. They only require a minimum order of 50. Perfect for a dog event or a cool giveaway for your company.

So if you’re looking for something fun to share with your dog, that’s not food related. A handy Hoo-rag could just be the wagging little gift that you and your pooch can share.

Hog-rags for pets

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Okay…Where can I get one

Website: Hoo-rag

Location: 5500 Military Trail Suite 22-102
Jupiter, FL 33458, USA

Ring, Ring: 1.888.831.9344

Price: $14.95 US


Disclaimer: I was provided a free sample by Hoo-rag in exchange for a review.  I was not asked to write a positive review and these experiences and opinions are my own.