Infograph: Paw-By-Paw – How to Cook for Your Dog in 6 Easy Steps

how to cook for your dog

If you don’t want to give your pooch commercially produced food, you can always feed your dog  homemade meals. You can make it as simple or as varied as  it suits your schedule and your dog!

You can cook up different recipes every few days, or stick to a few tried and tested meals that you know your dog will love and which just seems to suit them just fine.

Home cooked meals for dogs combine protein, carbohydrates and often some extras such as brewer’s yeast or a little fish oil. You can cook for your dog and mix it with commercial made dog food. I usually have my home cooked meals with dry kibble for a little crunch.

As always talk to your vet if your thinking of cooking for your dog. Many veterinarians have recipes and can offer some guidance on what is best for your dog.

Can you imagine how dull it would be to eat the same food every day out of a can? Why not treat your dog to some fresh lovingly made food right from your kitchen.


So get cooking with this easy 6 step guide!

How to cook for your dog