Tiny Confessions- Cute Pet Illustrations of Animal Thoughts

Tiny Conffesions portraits and cards

Ever wonder what your pet is thinking? Want to know their tiny confessions? Well there is an artist in New York City that has his paw on the button of what we dogs and cats are thinking and he’s making real cute handcrafted original pet illustrations which revels our secret thoughts and deepest admissions. They’re fun, and the wagging quotes are spot-on.

Willie from Tiny confessionsIt all started, of course from the inspiration of a very clever Bichon Frise named Willie. Christopher couldn’t help to notice Willie’s expressions while exploring the city street of New York while on their daily walks. The writer in him starting thinking about Willie’s inner monologue and Tiny Confessions was born!

About Tiny Confessions

Tiny confession was started about a year and a half ago by Willie’s mate Christopher Rozzi, a veteran comedian on the New York comedy scene. As an artist, writer and pet lover it was a natural step to create Tiny Confessions. It’s the perfect combination of comedy and art with a very wagging New York style.

You can choose from many different illustrations of dogs, cats and even a robot or two. Each illustration is printed on professional quality archival matte paper with archival pigment ink in fresh colorful pastels. You can choose a large 8×10 inch (20×26 cm) or a smaller version of 5×7 (13×18 cm) and both come with the artist’s original signature.  I especially like the set of 10 Tiny Confessions blank note cards, perfect to send to your favorite pet lover or to anyone to make someone smile.

Can’t decide on which illustration to get? Well you’re in luck and can get a whole collection of Tiny Confessions when their book  gets released this May with Perigee/Penguin books.  Get on the pre-sale list to get your copy:

In The UK:

So Willie, thanks for sharing  your story about Tiny Confessions and  for my wonderful print. Speaking of thoughts,  I always love to asks dogs who inspire people to live and work their dreams my two favorite questions…

Beagle Tiny Confession

Best advice on owning a dog?

Acknowledge your pet’s sense of humor, and show it that you have one as well!

Things you would suggest in regards to traveling with a pet?

When traveling with a pet, listen to what makes them comfortable or uncomfortable. Many times I would rather find someone close to home or a family member to stay with, if it’s not necessary that I have to come along. I know it is much more pleasant for me to stay in the big apple, I just don’t enjoy traveling at all.

What do I think? Well, if you’re looking for an original and unique gift for your favorite pet lover, what better gift than a print of their favorite dog breed with a cute little caption! I think it would be  fun to have a few on your wall, their colorful and cute and puts a wagging little smile on your face.

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Check them out!

Website: Tiny Confessions

Address: New York, New York, USA

Email: info@tinyconfessions.com

Price range: $12.00 to $225

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free signed illustration (a beagle of course)  by Tiny Confessions in exchange for a review.  I was not asked to write a positive review and these experiences and opinions are my own.