Vintage Gold Puppy Ring of Love…A Wag Cool Gift to Get

gold puppy ring


I was thinking what would be a wag cool gift to give my peep? Something sweet and unique and would remind her of me? Well this little gold puppy ring fits the bill perfectly!

First the puppy face reminds me of me, when I was just a pup. Sweet little floppy ears and a long wagging tail. The ring also comes with two little rhinestone eyes to give it a little sparkle.

This cute little ring also comes in Sliver and is made by Karen Anderson, who has a background in architecture and a degree in interior design and uses her creative passion to make stunning little gems like this cute gold puppy ring.puppy ring

Check them out

Website: Keja Designs

Location: Centennial, CO, USA

Ring, Ring:  1- 720-219-0937

Price: $25.00 and she ships globally!