Maggie’s Travel Journal…Me and my BFF

Maggie's travel Journal

Moving around is hard work, and I’m not talking about the physical move, the travel, boxes and all that boring stuff that my peep usually has to deal with and organize. The hard part is saying good-bye to your BFF’s (Best Furry Friends), your usual hang outs, favorite walks and sniffs, and yes the peeps that you also connected with and gave you either a friendly pet or a wagging hello.

Things I am going to miss…Dog love and thanks

The places I go: My seats at Le Cesar, Mumbai and La Puccia, I have been going here for the last 2 years, and they are always welcoming, hanging out at Le Cesarthey  usually offer me a drink of fresh water in my personal bowls that they keep behind the bar,  and even let me sit on the bench with my peep  and watch out the window. They don’t even care when I howl at the big Great Dane that passes by… I get a chuckle and sometimes a treat for my mischief when I’m having a howling outburst. The very best part is that the customers come by to say hello, and sometimes they will call me cute little things in French.  I feel real special when I’m there. It’s like cheers, but for dogs! (trust me, everybody knows my name better than my peep.)

My people: I have three real special people who I am going to miss. Their is Lily’s staff members who are just pawsome! The Big guy is great and loads of fun and loves taking model shots of us with his camera. Her mum is just a bundle of sweet and lets me cuddle with her when I stay over, how cool is that!

Then there is my peep’s friend Corrine, who tried in vain to teach my peep French to no avail.   I’m quiet fluent in the language and understand the words ici, aller, and non. At first she wasn’t a fan of dogs until she met me…now she’s wagging, fur on clothes, big wet kisses from me and always a kind word! She is actually now thinking of getting a kitty!

And the people of Nyon, all dog loving and too many to name. There is the nice lady who always has new treat for me when I see her, even after her dog passed away a year and half ago; there is young Miguel who always comes by to say hello, he thinks I’m cute and jokes about me looking like a sausage, and Caroline who let’s me put my paws on her table, no matter how much Trina complains.

Maggie's BFF, LilyMy BFF:… She is just pawsome and totally fun.  We always do the big body wag dance when we met up, and we never care where we do this dance, we are just happy to see each other. I have taught her a little bit about mischief, and she has given me excellent tips on dining with the peeps. The best part is we both egg each other on…A big dog in the way? Well bark, and we will both back each other up with our mighty size. Dinner being served? Let’s work the peeps together. Running around and being foolish? Yes please, we’re natural together that way. Exhausted and need nap, let’s go cuddle on the big leather couch together. It’s what we do, it’s how we hang. I’m always glad to see her.

And that is my thoughts today… a little dog love and thanks

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