Maggie’s Travel Journal…Crufts anyone?

Crufts 2013

Okay I overheard my peep making arrangements to go to the UK this week. So I though cool we’re getting ready to find our new home, hang out and run around Wimbledon Commons, and then have a tasty lunch at one of our favorite pubs… I was excited and ready to rumble…until

I heard her book her weekend at Crufts.

The Kennel Club

The Kennel Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s Crufts?

Well its the world’s largest dog show, held each year by the Kennel Club. It’s a full on dog wagging event and this year you’ll find…

  • Discover dogs: You meet and see over 200 different breeds (like beagles!)
  • The Arena: Where there’s events for everything imaginable including agility, flyball, displays and new for 2013 the Scruffts final and Crufts Factor! (talented dogs of all types)
  • Best in Show: Over 22,000 dogs striving for the title of Crufts Best in Show 2013 (fancy star dogs!)
  • Shopping! – This year there will be over 400 stands with special treats and offers. (my kind of shopping)

crufts 2013Now doesn’t that sound like a paw-some weekend! Well considering I am not in any events at Crufs, I’m not allowed to go! Can you image that…You have to have been invited by the Kennel Club or be a  Registered Assistance Dog, to be permitted into the show. So guess what! I’m heading over to Lily’s wagging pad for the weekend and I have told my peep she better come back with a lot of swag! She is also going to be reporting back about all the things she sees there too!

If you want to know more about Crufs, head on over to there website here

Apartment hunt!

Good news is that we’re on the hunt, and I really should be there to sniff out the right pad to call my new home. We finally rented this apartment where we are living now, so that is a huge relief, due to we are off the hooked for the rent. If we didn’t fine someone to take over the lease we would of been responsible to pay each month until they found a suitable tenant!

So we are seeing about 5-6 apartments that fits our wish list:

  • 2 bedrooms so we can use one as a home office and guest room
  • a sunny garden for me to roam around in
  • Nice kitchen with a dishwasher, so my peep can keep on cooking for me
  • And of course close to the High Street and a nice stroll to Wimbledon Commons

So wish her luck and let us know if your heading to Crufts!

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