Successful Ways To Keep Your Dog Entertained For Hours

how to entertain your dog

Coming back to your home that has been completely destroyed by your pet dog has to be one of the most devastating moments in your life. Even though your dog is out of order for wrecking your home, you cannot entirely blame him. If you are leaving your dog alone for hours at a time, it is likely that he is going to be bored, leading him to misbehave.

Your dog does not see what he is doing as wrong; he just sees it as a way to keep himself entertained and burn off any built up energy. To prevent your dog chewing up everything in sight, there are some small steps you can take to ensure he is entertained through the day.

Be Creative

Don’t just scatter his usual toys around the room because he will get fed up of these tools within a couple of minutes, why not create a cardboard box and put one of his toys or treats in there? It will take a while for your dog to discover how to get the treats or toys out the box and when he does get them out; he will be really pleased with his efforts and will want to play with the toy as a reward.

You shouldn’t use this box idea every day as your dog will soon get bored of it, instead use it every couple of days or once a week.

Create Some Noise

Believe it or not, turning the television or radio on will reduce the chances of your dog getting bored and destroying the house. The noise that comes from the television or radio will create a different type of atmosphere in the room so your dog does not feel as alone.


You cannot expect your dog to stay well behaved in your house alone for the entire day if he has not been exercised. It is essential you give your dog a chance to stretch his legs and have a little run around, this will reduce the amount of energy he has which will also reduce the risk of him chewing up your loved home items.

Change of Scenery

Do not just leave your dog in the same boring room every day; instead allow him in another room the next day for a little change of scenery. You should also try and allow him to have access to the garden. It is essential you create a dog proof area to ensure that he is safe in the garden whilst he is on his own.

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