Yummy Pets- Play the game and join the fun

Yummypets forum and social

Looking for a fun and entertaining pet forum located in Europe with over 100,000 pet loving members from all over the world? Why not check out Yummypets?

What’s it about?

Yummypets offers pet lovers a chance to fawn over their loving pets, and feature their pet friendly businesses and Organizations . Users can easily add photos, videos and create a page featuring their furry friend or favorite goldfish.  Socially they can also post comments on photos other users have added, engage in chats and send messages. You can also join teams that interest you, connect with friends and have fans of your pet or business page.

Explore, discuss, enjoy

Yummy pets social app

They have a cool app so you can keep connected with Yummypets wherever you are with your mobile or tablet. The app has some cool features and let’s you have total control of your account. Just shot a fantastic photo of Fido? Why not use the app and send it to Fido’s page right away.

  • easily connect to all your content: news, messages, favorites, pets, teams, pages and notifications.
  • Messaging: chat with your friends directly from your mobile.
  • Update and Upload: your page and latest photos on the go.

You can grab this fun app from the App Store or Google Play and it’s free!

Play the game…Yummy or Not

A cute little game where two pet photos are side by side and you get the chance to vote which photo you like the most. You can even submit a photo of your pet to join in the game. Then you can check your ranking by the breed of your pet, how many votes your photo received and its global ranking.

It’s a real sweet way to explore other pets that belong to the social network, and a great way to see some real sweet pet photos! Why not give it a try now?

What do I think?

Well what I really like about it is that it’s European based for us pet lovers on this side of the pond.

Vous cherchez un site pour animaux de compagnie sociaux d’amour dans votre langue maternelle française?

Well Yummy Pets say…oui!

Currently you can choose your choice of language of either English or French. Let’s hope Yummypets will offer more languages as it grows. I just joined the social network a few months ago and I’m discovering all there features and connecting with new wagging pets.

It’s beautifully designed and I’m looking forward to connecting with pets globally!