Oh Doggee…A Wag Cool Way To Carry Poo Bags

Carry a Doggee

I’m always on the search for something cute and functional to carry my poo bags. My peep usually has them stuffed in her handbag and pockets and they seems to fall out always at the wrong time…Can be a bit embarrassing!

So while tooling around Crufts she stumbled onto Doggee and thought they were clever and  wag cool. A perfect solution for all the loose poo bags swimming in her pockets. Yes it’s true, she had poo bags from Switzerland in her coat pocket at Crufts!

What is it?

The DOGGEE is a flexible , hollow ball on a keychain that can accommodate 10-20 poo bags. The spring lever keyring can attach to your dog’s  lead and comes in six popping colours and a semi clear Doggee where you can see how many bags you have left. They’re made in the UK and are a recyclable product too.

Check them out

Website: www.baggee.com

Location:  London, United Kingdom

Contact: info@baggee.com

Price: £ 4.95