10 Things People Love About Dogs

why we love dogs

For the love of Dog

Humans have fallen completely and utterly in love with their dogs. Disagree? Consider all the services we have created just for them. There are dog parks, dog walkers, dog groomers, doggy daycare, and even dog friendly hotels. And it doesn’t stop there. They are part of our families. We dress them up for Halloween. Does Rufus seem depressed? We put him on Prozac. We buy organic dog food, caring as much about their health (if not more) as our own. Over the last decade and a half the role of dogs in our lives has changed. We spend nearly triple the money we spent on them just 15 years ago. They are our family.

10 things people love about dogs 

  1. They fill our need for love. Dogs have a sixth sense for observing human behavior. Instead of using it to mock us, as they very well could, they use it to love us exactly when we need to be loved. Not only is their love unconditional, but they notice when we could use a paw to hold or some extra sloppy kisses–and they don’t hold back.
  2. They are loyal companions. In a world with broken families and rising divorce rates, dogs have become our most constant companions. No other creature will stick by our side quite the way a dog does. No wonder we treat them like family.
  3. They exhibit human emotion. Examine a dog’s facial expressions and you will have no doubt what they are feeling. Whether they are jumping for joy. toothy grin, tongue lopping out of their mouth as they greet us as we walk through the door, staring lovingly into our eyes during a much-anticipated belly rub, or on alert for that squirrel that just ran by, they exhibit emotions much as we do.
  4. Dogs are always happy to see us.  Always. Enough said.
  5. They get us outdoors. Nothing quite gets human’s off their butts like a dog anxiously anticipating a walk. Or the chance to play fetch. Or throw a frisbee. We may not admit it, but it’s as good for us as it is for them.
  6. Our furry friends improve our health. It’s a scientific fact that people who own dogs live longer, healthier, happier lives.
  7. Dogs don’t judge. Tell them your deepest darkest secrets and they will love you just the same. You can’t take love like that for granted.
  8. They yearn to please their master as no other animal does.  Not only are they great companions, but they are easily trainable, and hate to disappoint.
  9. They reciprocate our affection. We give them hugs and kisses, roll around on the ground with them, and let them sleep in our beds. And they eat it all up and give us more in return.
  10. They protect us. There is no security system like a guard dog. And none so cuddly.

the 10 things I love about dogs

Stopping at 10 things people love about dogs is unfair. There are dozens more unique to each pup. Dogs have long been referred to as man’s best friend. And for good reason. We love how they make us feel, how they make fools of themselves so we will laugh, and how they are content just to sit next to us. Somehow through the years, dogs have wormed their way not only into our homes but also our hearts. They’ve become our family. And we’re ok with that.