Maggie’s Travel Journal-Best Furry Friend at the House

Maggie's travel journal
Whew…what a week its been. Boxes are arriving, clutter is being removed and Trina is eying my toy basket..Yikes!

Thank goodness Lily is staying with me for the next two weeks and that my grand-mum from Vancouver, Canada sent me a big o’ care package…eh?

First, Lily is staying at my house while her staff are on holidays. Howling fun for me! Two dogs are always better than one and we both love upping the ante of doggie mischief! Thinking of that I really need to get Snoopy’s book Mischief Master Class to learn the latest techniques. If you haven’t heard of the book, go and check out Snoopy’s blog and get to know him, he is a wag cool Bearded Collie with a paw-some website.

You can get the book or Kindle version at Amazon UK: (dog’s got to eat…)
Mischief Master Class

Any howl, I’ve been told (time & time again) that when I have a guest staying with me, I have to be on my very best behavior and be a good host. That means that the peep who pays the rent has instilled a few rules & schedule for me and my wagging guests. I like to call it…

walk eat play as a dogand it goes like this…


walks with dogs

  • All walks are as scheduled: That’s one in the morning and one at night.
  • No pulling on the lead, no playing around and getting the leads tangled, no going this way and that.
  • Most important and with good manners we must wait for each other to do our business and we can’t sniff at it afterwards.


sharing treats with dogs

  • All meals are scheduled: That’s one in the morning and one at night.
  • No staring and hovering around your guests food bowls.
  • No gobbling up your food at lighting speed so you can stare at your guest while they eat.
  • No licking your guest bowl and vice-versa.
  • Treats…no stealing your guests treat while your peep is not looking.


  • Have fun and chase each other around the house, at the beach and in the garden.
  • Share your toys nicely, regards of how good it looks now in Lily’s mouth.
  • Share your peep when we’re playing games as one happy pack.

And that’s the rules when my furry friend is hanging out at my house.

Oh my I forgot about this, when it comes to nap time share your bed, crate, couch and floor with your guest. This one is easy for me, because I use to share all of this with my cat Miso and it’s nice to cuddle up.

What do you do when you have a wagging furry friend at your home?