Help my Puppy is Driving Me Crazy…6 Tips to Avoid Puppy Stress

avoid puppy stress

Okay we dogs never like to admit that when we were puppies we probably drove you crazy in so many different ways. Lets face it we’re crazy cute when we are puppies; we do cute things and give you, our new parents a sense of joy, pride and endless fun. However considering you took the step on becoming a fur parent your responsibility as a new fur mum or dad can be daunting.

As our new pack leader we depend on you to help us become a loving, sociable and good mannered dog. This involves your devoted time, puppy proofing your home to keep us safe, and learning about becoming a fur parent too!

Every new puppy brings new challenges but if you follow a few simple steps we’ll try only to drive you crazy with love.

A female Boxer puppy.

A female Boxer puppy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7 tips to avoid puppy stress

  1. Before even thinking of becoming a fur parent: Ask yourself, do I have the time to raise a puppy? The resources? The right environment? Are you ready to cope with the demands of a new puppy?
  2. Establish a routine: A good routine that works for both you and your puppy. If you always stick to your routine and rules from day one it will help your puppy to become adaptable to you and your home.
  3. Puppy Rules: Start by setting the rules of how you want your puppy to behave from the very first day they come home. Be consistent and enforce them.
  4. Get Some Rest: With a good routine you will be able to give ample rest to your puppy and you. This will help prevent over-exhaustion for you and your puppy.
  5. Get your house in order: Establish separate quarters for your puppy where she can do the least damage. This way if puppy makes a wee mess it will be easier to clean. Make sure there is nothing in puppy’s reach to chew that you don’t want your puppy to teeth with and ruin.
  6. Your only human: Understand that Rome was not built in a day and that it takes time to train a happy puppy. So if your feeling doubtful or a bit crazy, just remember that these bad feelings are perfectly normal and will pass in time.
  7. Seek help: Just like children, it may take a village to raise a socialized pup. Seek out professionals for support and advice, join a puppy training class, and don’t be afraid to ask someone you know who has raised well mannered dogs for tips.

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