How To Transport Your Dogs Safely- Five Great Tips to Consider

how to transport your dog
You will need to take care of any product you buy by cleaning and making sure that they are secure every time you use them…
 For most dog owners transporting your pet is a weekly or even daily affair whether you are going to the supermarket, the local park, a nice walk in the countryside or the veterinarian every owner wants to do all they can to make sure that their dog is transported safely when riding in the car. As an owner you want to make sure that you are well prepared when you make car trips with your dog and that you make the ride as comfortable and relaxed as possible.


how to transport your dog safely


Confining your pet
There are different options available for transporting your pet one of these is to confine him or her. You should make sure that your dog is riding either in the back seat of the vehicle or in the boot of the car if it is large enough for your pet. This will stop him or her from moving around in the vehicle which can lead to you as the driver being distracted which can lead to incidents on the road. The use of specially made grills for the boot of your car can also stop the movement of your pet and, if you are in an accident or stop suddenly, it will stop your pet from moving through the air dangerously.


As the owner you must try to make your dog as relaxed as you can. Dogs tend not to like to stay still for long periods of time so make sure that they are able to move around. You may want to bring along a favourite blanket or even a soft basket for them to curl up on when they want a rest. However, it may also be wise to add a toy or two to keep him or her occupied in the car and prevent boredom.


Seat Belts
You must at all times put safety first. You can purchase dog safety harnesses and dog seat belts which are available online or from your local pet shop. Not only will they help to protect and restrain your dog, they could also save their life should an accident occur However, these can become uncomfortable if your dog moves around, and can become problematic on longer journeys. Dog seat belts normally cost from £5 to £30 depending on the size of your dog and the strength of seat belt.


Baskets & Boxes

If you own a small dog these can be placed in baskets whereas larger breeds in boxes or crates dependant on their size. Boxes or crates for a dog cost in the region of £30 to £60 also dependant on the size of cage and material whether it is plastic or metal. There are a number of varieties of cages you can buy which suit different breeds of dogs from small to large.
One of the main cons for each option is that they do cost some investment however the cost is worth it if it saves yours and your dog’s life.
Many cages and baskets are durable and lightweight which means you are able to move them if you have multiple vehicles that you travel in and can be reused time and time again.


You will need to take care of any product you buy by cleaning and making sure that they are secure every time you use them. If you do not check whether a crate is shut properly or a grill is fixed in place you could have a nasty incident and cause damage to yourself, your pet and your car. It is always best to think safety first when transporting any animal especially if it is a family pet.



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