Maggie’s Travel Journal- Random Weekly Dog Thoughts

maggie's travel journal

Not so wordless, but I just needed to express my beagley-self today in my travel journal. So I thought I’d share some photos of me and lily…

sleeping in my bed

Here I am sleeping in my homemade bed with all my favorite toys

and considering I’m a good dog host…

Here's Lily having a sunggle on my bed with my toys too!

Here’s Lily having a snuggle on my bed with my toys too!

Oh and I forgot to tell you all that my peep was such a good girl! Look at all the swag she brought back from Crufts!

Swag from Crufts
Lastly as a dog thought…As you know we’re getting ready to move back home at the end of April. What do you think is the most important things to pack?

I’ll be taking an overnight train to Amsterdam. I get to stay in the cabin with my peep, so I’m very excited. Then I will be taking an overnight ferry to the UK. On the ferry I’ll have to stay in the kennels, but that’s okay, my peep can visit me at anytime. Then I’m back on a train to London and to my new home!

Now I know this seems long, but the only other choice was flying in cargo…think not! or driving…however it’s complicated due to the driving wheel changes from the continent to the UK and my peep doesn’t want to deal with that. What we both would of loved to of done, was go via Euro-Star, but they still don’t let regular dogs on their trains! A bit passé, I’d say.

What’s your thoughts on traveling to the UK?