How To Buy Your First Dog Responsibly

getting your first dog responsibly

When it comes to family pets, you just can’t beat a dog! They are loving and loyal and will do anything they can for their human owner. Which is why you should be very careful when you decide to buy your first pet dog. Many individuals and families have the urge to acquire one of these fascinating animals and unfortunately they underestimate the care and effort required to look after them. You really need to be one hundred per cent certain about the reasons behind your new object of desire. And if you still can’t live without one, you need to decide on the ideal breed for you and your family. Here we look at both issues and hopefully you will find some answers in this article.

Why Do You Want A Dog? 

When you pass that pet shop and see those adorable puppy eyes, staring back at you, you really want that ball of fluff!  But do you really understand the work required to keep a dog? Many people really love their little puppy, but they soon grow bored of the not so cute dog that it grows into. You absolutely have to be sure that you have the right stuff when it comes to caring for a dog. They live for about ten years, and that is a lot of walking and even more dog food. Don’t even mention picking up the dreaded dog pooh!  Many dogs end up being destroyed because the owner abandons them, if you are sure this is not you, please read on.

What Dog?

They come in all shapes and sizes and there is probably an ideal dog for every possible owner. But you have to understand that all dogs are different, they have characters just like you and I. Common sense should come into play when you are considering the right fit for you and your family. If you live in a small studio apartment, you should probably get a hamster or a goldfish! Large dogs are lovely to look at, but they get through a lot of food and require a huge amount of exercise. A Chihuahua may be as cute as a button, but is not ideal if you want a guard dog. Ask you partner and your family and see what breed you all agree on.

Buy From Where?

If you have got this far, you have decided that you definitely want a dog, and what breed suits you. Now you have to go and buy your precious pooch, but from where? The pet shop seems like a good choice but you should be aware of a few facts. These usually get their puppies from puppy farms, and these are not a good place for healthy dogs, despite the name. These poor mutts usually develop diseases due to the way they are bred and looked after. The mother dog is expected to give birth to over one hundred puppies during her life. After she gets too old, she is thrown on the scrap heap. You can buy from a breeder, but only a reputable one with the correct credentials. If you look in the local paper, you will see pups for sale from local residents, but visit the home first and check out the conditions of both parents before striking a deal. Another great option is to visit your local shelter. These are the best choices you have. Enjoy your new dog!

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Rex Lugor is a dog lover. He has 2 pet dogs and has built an instant shelter for both of them. Although buying a pet dog is great, he believes that there are certain issues which need to be looked at and has stated them in today’s post.

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