A Wagging Ultimate Blog Party

Ulitmate blog party

I’m very excited in taking part in the Ultimate Blog Party, a mega-event hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom to help readers find new blogs to follow, and there is a fantastic list of amazing blogs to see and get to know!

I started Wag The Dog UK a little over a year ago and started with not really knowing what to do but plunged in anyways! I just love it and I hope you find some fun stuff too!

I thought I’d share with you some things about me and my blog!

1. About me: I’m a five-year old Beagle, soon to be six. I’ve been lucky enough to traveled all over the world with my peep. I’m very social and very friendly to everyone I meet and enjoy sharing my stories to other pet lovers. I love connecting through my blog, Twitter and Facebook. My favorite place to share is at Pinterest. Looking forward to connecting with you on your favorite social site.

2. I love home cooked meals . Since traveling I’ve been having my peep cook all my meals for me. I usually mix my home cooked meals with a nice crunchy mix of kibble. If you want to know more why not check out my tasty dog food page.

3.We’re always concerned about pet care.  We search and look and try to find best tips, ideas and ways to help raise a happy wagging dog. My peep always has her nose in a book to find great ways to care for my well-being. Thinking of a little dog care, why not sniff out our care page.

4. Travel, travel and travel… My favorite thing to do! I’ve been to three continents and have traveled by Trains, planes and Automobiles. I’ve enjoyed some super pet friendly hotels and beautiful villas too. If you are thinking of traveling with your dog, make sure your check my dog friendly travel page.

5. I like to express my views.  I like to try new and excited products and tell you just how I liked it or not! My peep likes to do her research and will only let me try things that she knows will be good for a wagging pup like me. I also like to find beautiful and wag cool products that I think are really Special and completely my choice.  A little wagging review or something Wag Cool?


Ultimate Blog Party 2013So thanks for stopping by and learning a little about me and my little pad on the interwebs. Would love to hear from you and if you have a question, I’d be more that howling happy to hear from you.  I’d love to hear about your stories traveling with pets too!

Have a Wagging week on this paw-some Ultimate Blog Party. Why not Join my wagging pack and become a subscriber to Wag The Dog UK! You can learn more about it here

Wag The Dog UK Ulitmate blog party


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