How You And Your Dog Can Travel Long Distance

travelling with your dog

Although you probably always want to bring your little puppy with you whenever you travel, it sometimes can seem like to much of a hassle. The reality of the situation is that travelling with your dog does not have to be as cumbersome as you may think. Whether you are travelling by plane, train, bike or car, there is always a way to bring your little guy along for the ride. Let’s take a look at the best practices to use while you are travelling around the globe.

Travelling by Plane

Most people do not even think about travelling with their dog on a plane because they do not want to be worrying about taking care of their dog while they are also worrying about their flight. The first thing that you need to know about travelling with your dog by plane is that you have to make a separate reservation for him or her. The airline will probably charge you a fee for bringing a dog, but it’s usually worth it if you cannot imagine travelling without him. Small dogs can actually ride with you on the plane, but larger ones will have to sit in the cargo section of the plane until you arrive at your destination. In addition to obtaining a reservation, you also need to get a health certificate from your vet that says your dog is in perfect condition. If you are getting a small carrier for your dog, it would be a good idea to test it out on him or her before putting them into it right before you get on the plane.

Travelling by Train

You will be happy to know that travelling with your dog by train is actually quite similar to travelling by plane. The only difference is that there is usually not enough room for large dogs. You can still use a carrier to bring your small dog with you on certain trains and buses, so make sure that you check with the train company before you book your ride. It should also be noted that AMTRAK trains do not allow pets of any kind on the train, so you will need to check with your train’s rules before you leave the house.

Travelling by Bike

The only thing that you need to worry about when it comes to travelling with your dog on a motorbike is safety. You need to get the right kind of motorcycle carrier for your dog if you are going to be able to keep him or her safe. There are different carriers available for different types of dogs, so make sure that you get something that fits your dog’s needs. The best kind of pet carrier crate to get for a bike is usually the kind that is reinforced with some kind of metal. One last thing to remember is that the crate will need proper ventilation.

Travelling by Car

The safest and least stressful way of travelling with your dog is definitely by car. When you travel with your dog by car, you can usually just place his or her crate on one of the car seats and lock him or her in for the ride. In a best case scenario, you will be driving a van where the seats can be removed and your little guy can stay in a crate that is placed flat on the ground.

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