Maggie’s Travel Journal…My House is Sparse!

maggie's Travel Journal at WagThe Dog UK

So glad I’m a dog and don’t have to worry about organizing a move. I get to sit back and write a new post in my travel journal, while my peep runs around like she’s trying to find her tail.

Moving, there is so much you have to do and considering we’re on our way back home the start of this week has been crazy. First we had the handyman over to remove the lights we put up and replace them with the ugly ones that were here when we moved in. We also had to take down our ceiling fan, due to it’s coming with us, however now that the weather is getting warmer, I’ll miss the warm breeze!

maggie's travel journal

The funny part is that the landlord is going to paint the apartment after we leave, however we are required to remove all the nail holes and smudges before we move out… It’s a Swiss thing I think.

But the part I love the most  is watching my peep measure everything! She’s trying to figure out how our stuff will fit in our new home.  Personally as long as my crate and bed come with us, I’m sure everything will be fine.

Maggies travel journalLast but not least we choose the Salvation Army to take our stuff that we are not bring  to our new home. Which is a lot of stuff! They are coming with a big truck to take things like our old couch, dining table, book shelf, and leather chair to name just a few things. However our ratty old green cabinet is going via the dump, with various other broken things.  When you move around a lot, things get broken and scratched and my peep decided we needed new things and a fresh start.

I’ll try to keep you posted over the next few days in my travel journal, especially when it comes to me travelling to the UK! Can’t wait.