Maggie’s Travel Journal -Packed Up and Ready to Rumble

maggie's travel journal

Maggie’s Travel Journal

Yesterday was the big day, movers,trucks, packing and shipping, whew it could tire a dog out just thinking about it. But when it comes to moving and your peep is running around like a crazed chicken, you are going to have to make sure that your needs are met.  you’ve got to make sure that you get your meals and walks regardless of what’s happening in the house.

Considering I have been training my peep for the last 5 years and this is my fourth international move, I’ve got it pretty well under control.

Our day

  • I had my peep wake up at 6:00 am so that she could drink her two coffees and become human before I stroll down at 7:30 am
  • Next, I had my breakfast and jumped onto the red couch. (Oh, I forgot to tell you, Charity didn’t want it, due to it had too much dog hair and a few chews! Really?…I thought that would have been a bonus! Any how it’s now coming with us)
  • While I napped, my peep ran around preparing my Italian beef pup-cakes for my meal on the go. (Recipe coming soon!) She gathered my travel bowls, a few treats, and Mr. Bunny and packed them up in our suitcase.
  • After that I watch her tidy up the mess she made, clean out my home bowls and clear out my crate ready to ship
  • She then proceeded on clearing out the fridge, now to be honest I would have been more than happy to help her with this task.
  • After meeting and greeting the movers, and yes she looked them right in eye and shook their hand, we went off for our morning walk.

Maggie's travel journal

I was on packing duty and made sure everything was packed properly, especially all my toys and beds. After that we took our things for the trip back home and moved into Lily’s house while we waited for the movers to finish packing.

The house was filling up with boxes, and the day was beautiful so I suggested that we take another long walk and let the movers do their job.

After that we headed over to Lily’s house and I decided to stay in her backyard for a little nap in the shade. My work was done and I was getting bored going back and forth to the house to see the progress.

All in all it was a great move, nicely organized and now we are packed and ready to rumble!

moving day for Maggie

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