Maggie’s Travel Journal…Finally a Little Dog Travel

dog friendly travel

For the last week I have been watching my peep get everything in order for our trip. Now, she was traveling, packing and cleaning all week, while I hung out with Lily. It’s so great having a peep who takes care of everything, while I wag around with Lily and her staff. I’ve been waiting all week, just for a little dog travel! But all things changed on Saturday, it was finally my turn to start my adventure, I’m leaving today!

First thing we had to do…

Go to the Vet.

Why does everything start or end with a vet visit? I ask you, do peeps have to see their doctor when they travel? Well anyway off to the vet we went to make sure my passport was up to date and get my treatment against tapeworm before travelling to the UK.

My Passport was up to date for travel to the UK because:

  • I had my microchip, before initial rabies vaccination were carried out.
  • I had my rabies shot
  • And lastly, my treatment against tapeworm. This treatment must be administered by a vet not less than 24 hours (1 day) and no more than 120 hours (5 days) before I was scheduled to arrive in the UK. Treatment date and time must be recorded by my vet on my passport.

A little Lunch

Next we were invited to a “see you soon” lunch at Auberge Du Chateau a restaurant right beside Nyon‘s Chateau. It’s a very posh and beautiful restaurant and yes, its dog wagging friendly, inside and out. We sat inside, right beside the windows due to the weather was a little chilly. My peep had a swanky pizza and the waiter gave me a little parma ham and we all had mineral water to keep us hydrated for the trip.

After lunch we rolled on down to meet Lily and her staff and they helped load up all my stuff, and some of my peeps stuff in the car that we were taking to the UK.

Then after a few tears, wags and good-byes…We were off!

dog travelSo finally I got my dog travel, which is a good thing considering this is my blog about my travels! Jeez, sometimes I think my peep forgets, and considering she’s the typist, lets hope I can get her up to speed on posting my travel journal.

Oh I forgot to tell you all, we changed our plans! My peep has a car from the UK and we’re driving back and taking the Euro Tunnel. We are also going over the Swiss Alps and driving thru France.  I bet there are going to be great places to sniff on the way!

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