While on the Road a little Sunshine Award Came My Way

sunshine award

While we were on the move to London and travelling all over France I was awarded the Sunshine Award by a fantastic puppy and his peep Emily from the Life With Alfie blog.

If you haven’t checked out thier blog as of yet, you should wag on over and check it out… It’s a fantastic and entertaining story of  Alfie who is a real cute Beagle Puppy!

We would like to give you a big wag and a howling thank you!

What’s a Sunshine Award?

Well, its a prize awarded to bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. And I have to admit I’m howling honored that they thought of me. So a big wagging thank-you.

Okay, there’s rules too in regards to accepting this award and I was more than wagging pleased to follow the rules. You see, I’m a well trained beagle, regardless of what my peep thinks. The Rules are as follows…

  • Thank the person (or dog, as the case may be) who gave this award to you and link to his or her blog.
  • Answer the questions below.
  • Pass on the award to 10 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs, and let them know you awarded them.

Q & A

1. Favourite Colour?

Hmm… Can I say Tri-Colour? As in Tri-Colour Beagle? If not then I’d say tan due to it hides the dirt that I like to roll around in.

2. Favourite Animal? 

I really do like cats, they’re fun to chase and steal their food, however they don’t like to play much with us dogs for some reason. So I’d have to say my fellow dog.

3. Favourite number? 

Currently my favorite number is 5, due to that’s how old I am… however, it’s soon going to be 6, due to my birthday is coming up on the 28th of May. (you can send all love and treats  c/o Maggie@wagthedoguk.com)

4. Favourite drink?

There is nothing better than a cool drink of fresh water.

5. Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook is like a happy pack of wagging beagles, cute, fun, cozy and very entertaining. Twitter is like running around and chasing a ball, playing with your pals and being super excited all at the same time. So it depends on how I feel on the day. But if I had to choose… Twitter is fun!

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6.  Your Passion?

I think I should of been a chef, due to I am totally passionate about food!

7. Giving or getting presents?

What can I say… I love prezzies!

8. Favourite Day?

It’s Sunday! My peep and I are exploring London and each Sunday we go to a different area to check out the parks and dog friendly places to hang out. Then we find a dog friendly place for a nice English breakfast  and read the paper afterwards.

9. Favourite Flower?

To eat? Well that would be courgette flowers stuffed with cheese! That’s Zucchini to my American friends!


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