Planet Dog Wag Cool Bamboo Chuck

Planet Dog Bamboo Chuck

My peep is not the best ball thrower and she can’t really throw it very far, so I never get the the chance to have a zooming run to catch my ball. That’s why one of my favorite toys when I’m out walking in the park is a Ball Chuck. It makes my peeps throws paw-some and I get a real good run chasing the ball.

Plant Dog’s Bamboo wood chuck fits the ticket. It’s not only sleek and wag cool it also fits with their Orbee-Tuff balls; which hold up well with exuberant dog play.

The bamboo core offers strength and maximum distance with an ergonomic cork handle for comfort and grip-ability throws! So if you want to look stylish this season why not grab your own natural bamboo chuck for a little wag cool dog play?

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Website: Planet Dog

Location: Accapi UK
Suite G3, Tanfield Lea Business Centre
Stanley, Co Durham, DH9 9DB

ring, ring: +44 (0) 7092 102 158

Price: £ 21.95