What To Do When You Forgot The Dog Food- A French Dinner of Course

forgot dog food

A week before I left for my trip to London, I watched my peep preparing my take-away meals. She likes to make a healthy meal that is easy to transport and has all the tasty ingredients that I love at home and away.

So this time she made:

…but she also likes makes these two favorite take-away meals too.

Check them out, they are easy to make and easy to pack on your next trip. Okay, back to the story…

So after driving for about 4 hours (would that be 28 hours in dog time?), my peep decided that we had travelled enough and it was time to find a place to take me for my nightly walk, feed me, and find a place to sleep. We wanted to stay somewhere close to our route which also had a good place to take me on my nightly stroll.

We Settled on Reims, France

Forgot the dog food in Reims France

It was a perfect spot due to it was basically the mid-point in our trip back to London, it was 7:30 PM, and I was ready to stretch my legs and have a nice meal.

dog friendly franceSo just off the main highway we found a dog friendly hotel. We wanted something easy, clean and simple, and we found The Best Hotel, which was new and right beside flowering fields, perfect for a roaming beagle. We checked in; I was charged 15 Euros and I think my peep only paid 70 Euros which included breakfast. It was perfect and it was also near a few local restaurants for my peep to have dinner as well.

Once in the room, my peep opened up my paw bag and got my bowls out for water and food and my favorite travelling blanket and then I heard her howl!

I had to jump off the bed and take a look into my paw bag and see what was going on…I started howling too!  She forgot the dog food!

So what do you do, when you’re on the road and forget the dog food?  Well you head out to the local French Steak House of course! And that is exactly what we did.

I’m starving, but we decided to get my walk in first then we’d head on over to the French Steak House so that we both could have a relaxing meal.

dog friendly restaurant France

My walk was Paw-tastic! Rabbits were everywhere begging to be chased! Boy they are fast and they love running in different directions, so after a few “find and chase the bunny runs”,  I was one starving beagle!

We headed over to the neon signs of French cuisine and grabbed a cozy table inside. That’s the beauty of France, they know that dogs are part of the family and like dining out with their peeps too, so there was no problem for a table avec chein. Sure enough there was a beautiful golden lab at the restaurant with his family too. Wish my woofing French was better, so I could of asked what was good on the menu.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAnyhow, my peep had it under control and regardless of what people say to her, she thinks her French is passable and started to order our meal for the night. Thankfully there was a picture she could point to, it seems to help when she’s sputtering French.

We ordered our meal with a baked potato, and green beans, some water and a glass of wine. My peep started off with a salad, while I waited patiently for the main meal to arrive. The waiter was sweet enough to get me a bowl and filled it with the craft of water from the table…how chic!

When the grilled steak arrived, my peep cut off a small portion for me and cut it into bite size pieces,forgot the dog food added some chopped beans and a scoop of baked potato, then she grabbed my travel bowl from her hand bag and scooped all the ingredients into it and gave it a mix. Then under the table right beside the window she gave me my dinner. You know what?  It was delicious, and no one batted an eye that I was eating under the table in my own bowl. Okay I must admit, it probably only took me five minutes to eat it, because it was that good and I felt so much better that I allowed my peep to eat her meal in peace while I took a little nap on my blanket.

Now I know that you Can’t do this everywhere So here are three tips that my peep has done when she has forgot the dog food when on the road!

  • Order a plain take-away of Chicken with rice for a local restaurant or the hotel your visiting and make sure its cooked as plainly as possible.
  • The Gas Station Rest Stop… They may carry some dog food, probably something your dog won’t like, but hey its better than looking at an empty bowl. If the rest stop shop doesn’t have that, try a can of tuna in water, baby food, or a basic can of stew, however check that its not loaded with onions. Another option is a package of  sandwich meat. It’s not the healthiest, however its a one off until you can find somewhere to get what you need for the rest of your trip.
  • Worse case scenario, and you can’t share your meal with your dog, then distract your dog with play, toys and hopefully a few treats and tire your dog out so that it forgets (maybe?) that it should be dinner time and falls asleep. However with this option, you better have a plan for breakfast fast!

Interested about Neims, France?

Reims: A city in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France, lies 129 km (80 mi) east-northeast of Paris. Founded by the Gauls, it became a major city during the period of the Roman Empire. Some sources regard Reims as the effective capital of the province of Champagne, given its size as by far the largest city in the region.  The old town is beautiful and it’s over 2000 years old and hey they’re know for food and champagne…What’s not to like about that?

Cheers… Tourism Neims, France