Today is My Birthday! Six Happy Dog Wagging Years

its my birthday

Wow I can’t believe it’s my birthday today! I wanted to know how old that would make me in human years. As you know not all breeds follow the rule of 7 years to each dog year. So I had a little wander around the interwebs and checked out Beagle Pro about how I age.

Your Beagle will not age 7 human years for each year of his or her life.   Studies now show that this breed ages much differently. The age chart is primarily based on the size and weight of the dog and then growth/age spurts are calculated in.  ~ Beagle Pro

On their chart I am 40 years old in human age. Which still makes me younger than my peep! What a great age to be I think….I’m going to call it the new 30 for dogs, due to I feel terrific and I still have my puppy ways!

Thinking About the Year

one lucky dog

What a fantastic year I have had. I think I’m one lucky pup!

A Big Wagging Thank you!

A big Wagging thanks

I would like to thank all my readers, fans and furry friends for making my wagging blog! I’ve really enjoyed your comments, I love when you email me a question you might have, especially about living in different countries. I value your support and the wonder treats you have given me! Looking forward to hearing from you this year and growing my dog wagging pack!