Should You Have Your Pet Neutered?

Should You Have Your Pet Neutered?

Pets are loyal and non-judgmental companions, which is why most pet owners won’t even consider hurting their beloved animals. This is why people don’t want to have their pets neutered. They are afraid that the process is traumatic for their pets, and the procedure can be costly as well. If you have a pet, however, you should know that part of being a responsible pet owner is having your pet neutered. Below are a few reasons why.

– Taking care of a litter is costly.

The cost of taking care of a litter of puppies or kittens can be very expensive and challenging. There are vaccinations to consider, and before that, you might also be burdened with pet hospital expenses in case there are complications during your animal’s birth. For such expenditures, $500 is not enough. An added worry is the fact that you have to find homes for your pet’s litter. If you can’t, then you could end up raising the animals yourself. This will raise more problems for you, such as whether or not your current home is big enough to accommodate all your animals.


– Neutering is not that expensive.

Neutering can be costly. However, there are pet hospitals or clinics that offer low-cost spaying or neutering services. Avail of such services and call your area’s local animal shelter to inquire. If you carefully consider and compare the cost of neutering versus the cost of taking care of a litter, then the former is a cheaper option.

– Neutering is not inhumane.

A lot of people believe that neutering is inhumane, but it isn’t. The American Humane Association and the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) recommend this procedure. You can read about their stance on the issue on their websites.

Neutering is the more humane solution. Why? Let’s say that John cannot keep his dog’s litter. Maybe his apartment is too small, or he can’t afford to, or maybe he just doesn’t want to. He planned to give the puppies away to people who wanted them, but he wasn’t able to find proper homes for the baby animals. Because he was desperate, he ended up leaving the box of puppies in a park. If a person cannot give a good life to his pet or his pet’s litter, the animals can end up being strays or being maltreated by other people. So, if you consider the consequences, neutering is actually the more humane choice.

– Neutering won’t traumatize a pet.

The great thing about animals is that they bounce back to health readily. So, even if they go through neutering or spaying, they will return to their normal happy selves once they’ve had time to recuperate. Also, vets will take utmost care of your pet and ensure that it won’t feel any discomfort during the procedure.

– Neutering protects the environment and the people from animal overpopulation.

Animal overpopulation is a serious issue, which results to having around 3 million animals euthanized each year. It is saddening to think that so many loveable creatures have died because there was no one to take them in or because there was simply no more space for them. Also, not all of these animals are mixed breeds. A significant percentage of euthanized animals are actually purebreds.

Final Note

It doesn’t matter what breed your animal is. The important thing is to be a responsible pet owner, and part of that is spaying or neutering your pet. This protects you, the people around you, and the environment from the heartbreaking problem of having homeless animals everywhere.

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