How Do You Know When It Is Time To Send Your Pet To Rainbow Bridge?

rainbow bridge

Out pets are such a gift to our lives that when the time comes for them to say goodbye, it really wrenches on your heartstrings. They are such loyal friends who give unconditional love and once they are gone, they will never be forgotten. But how do you cope when your animal buddy is very sick, so ill that they will eventually die? It is human instinct to try and prolong this life as long as possible, but, sadly, this is not the kindest thing to do. The poor animal is in such pain, is it fair just for our sakes to keep it hanging on? This article looks at how to spot the signs when it is time to help our pets on their way to ‘Rainbow Bridge.’

Is There a Sign?

Once you realise that your pet is very ill, you will start to notice their strange behaviour a lot more. You can see odd habits appearing and will understand that they can no longer function as they once could. If you have a dog that is very sick, they usually start to spend a lot of time outside, as if they are waiting for the inevitable. Other common indicators are the refusal of food and water. Animals cannot tell us in human words, so they do their best to let us know that the end is near. If you truly love your pet, you will just sense when it is time to make final arrangements for your dear old friend.

Speak To An Expert

If you fear the worst and decide that your pet is going to die, you should first consult a specialist. There may be another reason for the behaviour and apparent illness. You should steel yourself in case they confirm your doubts, but you can never just assume that they will die just because they look very bad.

No More Suffering

Many pet owners are in denial and hope against hope that their pet will make a recovery. Although this rarely ever happens, it is part of our nature to think that things will get better. Sadly, the pet often deteriorates so quickly that we allow for a lot of suffering on their part. One day we may wake up and see the real picture, this is the time to help our pet get some peace while we still have that chance. It’s not that we are uncaring, but that we care too much.

Out Of Our Hands

This sounds a little cruel, but is actually the kindest of all these scenarios. Your pet has some minor operation to remove a lump, and the vet tells you that cancer has spread all over the poor things body. They explain to you that the pain will only increase and the pet will die within a few months. You have the chance now to say goodbye and to send your beloved friend over that field to the ‘Rainbow Bridge’. You should not hesitate and give them one last hug goodbye.

Be Strong

Your pet gave everything for you and you loved it so much in return. Do not grieve for long as you should know that they will wait for you, as long as it takes…

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Today’s guest author, Mickey Jones, is a supervisor at Pet Heaven NQ, a pet cemetery based in Australia. He is a warm person and strives to manage the cremation process as smoothly and respectfully as possible.