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Say no to dog meat

A couple of weeks ago I went to my first global rally on something that’s a great concern to me and my fellow furry friends. Now this was my very first rally, and I didn’t know what to expect so I was little nervous when we first arrived.  But as soon as I started to meet everyone, I knew that these passionate people really cared about dogs here and  all over the world.

The Rally…

no to dog meatWe all met at 10 am at Marble Arch in London. We had banners, T-shirts, bandanas and flyers to hand out. We also had a petition  that people could sign.

I knew I wanted to be apart of it and I wanted to put my bark to this cause, however I also wanted it to be peaceful and informative. I just wanted to get the message across in case people didn’t know what can happen to dogs and cats in some parts of the world.

No to Dog Meat does just that… In a peaceful and caring way they get the message across and help educate the public to this awful practice.

Believe it or not, dogs and cats are considered a source of food in some parts of the world. I can tell you when I lived in Hong Kong I heard about this horrible practice. You could read about it in the English language paper when “dog” season was happening and how to “cook” a dog. There were stories of dogs being kidnapped due to a pet dog was a  prized catch for expensive meals. You would hear “Chinese whispers” of where to get a dog or how they were traded between countries from dog farms that looked like torture chambers.Great people for No to Dog Meat

Who is No to Dog Meat?

No To Dog Meat is officially the fastest growing global movement; An International Coalition of Individuals from around the world, who are united in their common intent to convince Governments worldwide that the Heinous Practice of torturing dogs and cats and then eating them has to end and has no place in this Millennium. It never has done and it never will.

Founded , by the World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade London, a recognized non-for-profit   charity 8544316 also formally registered in the EU under the law of 1901), it lobbies on an international intergovernmental and legislative level to oppose the dog and cat meat trade and call to account world bodies who refuse to implement animal welfare laws. No To Dog  Meat is the active voice of the people! And the Voice for the Voiceless. ~ No to Dog Meat

jointhe global cause No to Dog MeatFind Out More…

Check out No to Dog Meat

Website …learn more about the cause

Donate… See where your money goes

Become a fan on their Facebook page and find a chapter near you. There global!


This year, and for the very first time, the Cannes Film Festival will feature a movie portraying animal cruelty. Today, May 18, 2013, the movie “BOKDAYS, Hidden in the Land of the Morning Calm” makes its debut….Read more at

All I can say is that I had an amazing time being apart of this global cause and getting my bark out! I met wonderful and caring people and I can’t wait until and I can get my wag on the next global event. Check them out and let me know your thoughts.

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