Puppy’s First Vet Visit? – Know These 5 Topics To Discuss, What to Expect & Bring

puppy's first vet visit

Awwww…puppy’s first vet visit, so cute, exciting and can make you feel a little nervous. What to ask? What to expect? What to bring?

Jeez…I can barely remember my first visit to my veterinarian.  All I know was that my peep scheduled my first visit the very next day after she brought me home.


It’s important that you schedule your first appointment for your pup a day or two after you bring him home. Need to find a local practice?

Tips on finding a good veterinarian for your pet

I do remember there was a lot of poking, checking my ears, nose, mouth, and touching me all over to see how I worked. It was like he never seen a dog before.

what to expect on puppys first visit to a vetWhile I was getting the whole work over, my vet and my peep had a very detailed discussion about me. Sadly my English wasn’t that great at the time, so I had my peep write down the topics you should discuss with your vet on your puppy’s first vet visit.


What to discuss on your puppy’s first vet visit…


1.Breed Susceptibilities: If your new puppy came from a breed rescue or shelter, ask about the susceptibility of the breed to any particular conditions.


2. Diet: Tell your vet what your puppy is eating and the amount you are giving her at meal times. This is a great time to ask your veterinarian about quantity, and meal times. Also how her meals may change in quantity and ingredients as she grows.


3.Vaccinations: Your new puppy definitely needs a series of vaccinations in the first year of life to protect her from many dangerous diseases as her doggy immune system develops. They will  be scheduled at timely intervals throughout your puppies first year. Ask your vet about the vaccination needs based on your individual puppy, the particular region of the country in which you live, and your individual circumstances, such as if you plan to travel with your puppy to another region or planning to send her to a doggy day care.


4.Bug Control: This is a great time to ask your vet for recommendations on flea and tick control, as well as worming.


5.Classes and Training: Ask your vet for information about local puppy parties and training groups. Many vets today will host a puppy party for puppies that are not fully immunized and its a great way to start socializing you pup.


What to Expect

Your vet will examine your puppy all over. She will be checked:

English: The nose of a three-week-old Chinese ...

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  • On any sign of umbilical hernia, a condition whereby the umbilical has failed to close fully
  • If she has a healthy heart and that there  is no heart murmurs.
  • Your puppy’s lungs
  • Your puppy’s eyes and ears
  • To see that she is free from parasites
  • On the condition of her coat and assessed in general that she is in good shape.

 What to Bring

When you make your puppy’s first vet appointment, find out what you are expected to bring. Most veterinarians will want to see any notes relating to your puppy’s vaccine history and will also ask about any worming treatments she has had. Your vet may also request a stool sample so be prepared to have one ready if needed.

If your puppy is a pure breed, bring the breed papers and any notes that the breeder supplied you with, this could include a certificate showing that your puppy’s stock has been screened for any health conditions.

puppys first vet visit


Tips to keeping your Puppy Calm on her first visit to the Vet

  • A carrying crate is the best way to take your pup to the vet. It keeps her from sniffing around and away from potential germs, or sick and unvaccinated pets.
  • Be upbeat, positive and firm with your puppy while at the vet. This will make your puppy feel reassured and less fearful.
  • Unless the vet says otherwise, keep your pet on a short lease in the examining room  and under control on the examining table.

Besides you, your puppy’s most important peep is her vet who will be in her life as she grows into a healthy wagging dog.

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