Paw Nosh Pet Bowls…Wag Cool Class with Glass

paw Nosh Pet Bowls

First of all anything that can contain food I love! And fancy cool dog bowls for me are a must. So when I check my wagging email today I found a fantastic doggie bowl design which is on my “must have list”.

They’re chunky, clear, and wag cool! They’d look great in my peeps kitchen.

What’s are Paw Nosh pet bowls

Paw Nosh,  is an innovative new glass pet food bowl company, located in America.  Their new bowls are called the Cubby bowl, and is designed for dogs  up to 25 pounds, and yes cats would like them too. In fact it was their cat that gave them the inspiration to make this wag cool bowl. The second product, Cubby Deluxe bowl, has the same great style and is designed for larger dogs.

The glass bowls are made with 100% post-consumer recycled glass. They will be completely non-toxic, durable enough to be offered with a lifetime warranty against breakage, and designed and handmade in the USA. They’re also designed with an ergonomic handle for easy pick up.

What’s best about these way cool bowls is that each Paw Nosh Cubby bowl is one of a kind, made by hand using cast-iron pressing molds.

Check them Out

Website: Paw Nosh

Location: Berkly, California, U.S.A

Contact: @ Kickstarter