We won Yummy Billy + Margot Treats From Yummy Pets

billy + Margot dog treats


I love contests, and I love them even more when I win! Yes, I entered the “Great Britain are we a nation of Cat lovers or Dog lovers?” Now I knew that answer… Great Britain love their dogs! So I clicked my paw on dogs to enter the contest, plus answer a few questions about Billy + Margo Treats.

Knock, knock… A tasty package for me! Billy + Margot Dog Treats

Billy + Margot

Is the inspiration of Marie Sawle, like any wonderful dog lover she wanted to give her dogs a tasty and healthy treat. She started with a tasty ice-cream designed for a dog’s taste buds and health. Her product was so amazing that she won a partnership with Deborah Meaden from the TV show Dragon’s Den

Since then she has launched a new range of 100% air-dried Venison treats.
All of the venison is sourced from wild deer that typically feed on grasses, heathers and berries. Venison is well known for its healthy benefits (high in protein, hypoallergenic, low in fat). The treats are processed and dried in the UK using just cold air. It doesn’t come any more natural than that!

If your not familiar with her products or her story, I recommend that you wag on over and check Billy + Margot website today.

And if you want to know if the treats are tasty… I give them a full five wags!

Yummy Pets

Now if you don’t know about Yummy Pets I suggest that you read my review and then pop on over and sign your pet up to their own personal social network!

about Yummy pets

  • Share your favorite photos of your furry friend.
  • Meet dog lovers globally.
  • Read there blog.
  • Play the game Yummy or Not
  • Add there free App on your iPhone or Android.

So a big wagging thanks to Yummy Pets for hosting a howling contest and Billy + Margot for there lip smacking treats!