Dog Walkers – While you’re away your Dog will Play

why you should get a dog walker

Sometimes you will probably need  your dog cared for by someone else. It can happen, peeps have many responsibilities that take them away from home for long stretches at a time. This could be your work schedule, an emergency or just your day-to-day life where your furry friend just can’t wag along.

Now I have had the pleasure of dog walkers, doggy day care and I was also a member of  a dog resort, that included my own dog house with terrace, personal attendants to play with and a pool to cool my paws.

Having a dog walker has always made me feel special. There is nothing better than having your own personal date and playing around with my waggly mates, it sure beats waiting at home for my peep to return.

why use a dog walkerStaying alone at home we dogs can feel stressed, lonely and extremely bored. Dogs have needs, and staying alone at home for an extended time can make us act out.  You could come home and find a mess greeting you, perhaps we decided to take up the hobby of chewing everything in sight or barking so loud, all your neighbours can hear us.  Imagine how you would feel cooped up in a house all day, without a bathroom? You’d go a little nuts too.

But with a little effort you can find your furry friend the right carer, it could actually enhance your dog’s routine and broaden his social life. I’m a social animal by heart, and there is nothing better than meeting new friends both two-legged and four. Dog walkers can ensure that your dog gets some exercise and that much need pee break during the day.

Dog Walkers

There seems to be new dog walking companies opening everyday. They can range from franchises, independent professionals or the kid down the street looking to earn extra income.

What does a dog walker do?

Well the usual arrangement is that your dog walker will come and collect your dog from your house at a per-arranged time that you both agreed to set up and may offer services such as:

dog walker tips

  • Take your dog out for anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.
  • Usually to a park or, if you’re out in the countryside, to a more rural spot where your dog can have off-leash fun.
  • services could range from a leisurely stroll to an all out action routine that could include running and doggy activities.
  • Your dog may be walked with other dogs, which is a great chance for him to run and play with his fellow furry friends.

Dog walkers usually require your dog to mix happily with other dogs, however if this is not ideal, you can usually make arrangements for your dog to be out on his own for a slightly higher fee.  If your dog is the nervous type he just might not enjoy being in a group of dogs.

Tip: Ask your dog walker if you can have an introduction and allow you to go for a walk with them and the dogs they look after to see if your dog will be happy joining the pack.

how to find a dog walkerCurrently dog walkers are not regulated. Just about anyone can can call themselves a dog walker.  So it’s really important that you do your homework and find a good fit with someone who has experience with dogs. Remember they will be the one responsible with your beloved pooch while your away.

  • Get recommendations: Ask your fellow pet owners who they use and trust. If you do not have friends in your area with dogs, ask your veterinarian
  • Interview your dog walker: This is a job and an important one when it will come to the well being of your dog. Make sure you ask if they have had any training, how they handle behavioral problems, how many dogs do they walk at one time, what are their rates, how long are the walks, and what type of activities do they offer. Also ask if they are insured and for recent references.
  • Tell them all about your dog: Are there any special needs that the walker should be aware of? How well your dog is trained, especially on basic commands when of the lead. How your dog interacts with other dogs, strangers and crowds. If your dog has fears or can become aggressive in certain situations, this is the time to discuss it with the dog walker and hear how she will handle your dog if he shows the traits.
  • Get your dog involved while interviewing your dog walker. Watch how the dog walker reacts to your dog and how your dog reacts to her. Does it feel right?

I love my dog walker, he is kind and fun and knows just how I feel on certain days. Sometimes I like to do zoomies and play with the other dogs and sometimes I like to just stroll along beside him on my lead. The best part is that he always tells my peep how I was, just so we are all sure I’m getting the best play and care possible.

I can truly say a dog walker is a great choice if you have a busy schedule. Just make sure that you and most importantly your dog are both comfortable with your new dog walker.

Do you use a dog walker? How did  you choose your walker?


dog walking is not a regulated field
dog walking is not a regulated field