Five cool places to take your dog this summer

places to take your dog in the uk

Walking your dog provides a great opportunity to explore landmarks you wouldn’t usually visit. It can be great fun for your pooch to explore new territories every now and again. It can add a bit of spice to the dog owner’s daily routine as well.

In order to spark some inspiration, here are five unique and interesting spots that dog walkers are likely to enjoy this summer.

Lake District

lake district

Arguably the most famous rural district in North-West England, this popular holiday destination is well known for its beautiful lakes, forests, and mountains.

Thousands of people enjoy holidays in the Lake District every year. Holker Hall, Muncaster Castle, and Brantwood are all incredible spots to walk your dog.

Fistral Beach, Newquay

Newquay is another of Britain’s most popular holiday destinations that is extremely dog-friendly. Fistral Beach, which is the most well-known of the all the beaches in the town, has no restrictions on dog walking. Holywell Bay, Crandock, and Harbour Beach also allow dogs throughout the year.  This makes it easy to enjoy the golden sands and the warm weather typically associated with the Cornish coast.

Bristol Historic Docks

English: Bristol : Buildings & River Avon

Bristol : Buildings & River Avon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pets need to remain on a lead here, but it remains a great spot for dog owners to explore and enjoy. There are plenty of stunning nautical views and dogs travel free on the ferry from one side of the famous docks to the other. The more adventurous dog walkers could walk further out to where the docks join the River Avon.

There are a few festivals organised on the harbourside in the summer, with plenty of fun activities to enjoy, although it can get really busy during these days.

“Paws in the Park” Dorset

This hugely successful event, set in the picturesque surroundings of St Giles Park, Dorset, was so popular last year that it has returned again this summer.

The main feature is a 9K sponsored dog walk around the estate. Those taking part get free entrance to the event, which also features live music, duck herding, falconry and an edition of the WVS dog show. The event takes place on Saturday, July 20.

Dog Yoga London

UK yoga for dogsDog Yoga, or “doga” as it is commonly known, is a craze from the United States which has made its way across the Atlantic in recent months. It may sound daft in practice, but in theory, it is a great opportunity to enjoy an activity with your dog other than walking it.

There are plenty of spots in London where classes regularly take place. Participants are instructed to adopt traditional yoga poses, using their four-legged friends to assist them. Smaller dogs are used as weights to increase endurance. Larger dogs can be used as a weight to lean on.

Instructors have suggested that the dogs benefit from the relaxed atmosphere, allowing their heart rate to slow down so they can unwind and have their immune system boosted too.

There is plenty more information about these locations and inspiration for many more elsewhere online.

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