A Boot That I Can Chew- It’s a Squeak of Fun Dog Toy

fun dog toy

I love peeps because they are so wacky when it comes to giving gifts to us lucky dogs! For the first three years of my life my peep would go absolutely bonkers if I even looked at her shoes or boots, let alone have a little nibble. But that all changed the other day, when she gave me this cute fun dog toy in the shape of a little rubber boot. It looks just like her Hunter boot only without the cute dots and paw motif.

The best part about this little toy is that I won’t chew it to bits, ( I prefer the plush toys with fluff inside). However I do know that some of my furry friends this could easily be a chew up, spit out, lets destroy the boot type of toy.  So, I’d recommend this toy for a stylish medium size dog or the big-hearted dog who treats his toys well.

Rubbery, squeaky and cute, what’s not to like?

Want one? Check it Out

Website: Wagn’ Go

Location: London, UK

How much? : £ 3.45