Maggie’s Travel Journal – Dog Play

What’s better than a morning run with your peeps? We’ll hanging out with my dog walker and my wagging mates for a little dog play. Now I’m not saying I don’t like my walks with my peep, but sometimes its just nice to hang out with your fellow dogs. Since moving to London, I’ve been a lucky pup and have met loads of friends, four-legged and two. It’s amazing what a little wag of the tail can bring!

My daily walks start off with Ross picking me up and taking me to the commons right here in Wimbledon.Ross the dog walker We’re all off lead and we all follow Ross as our 2 legged guide into Wimbledon Commons. Considering we’re deep in we don’t have worry about cars spoiling our tempo.

For some reason, I tend to listen to my walker more than I do with my peep. Do you listen to some peeps and not others? Why do you think we do that? I think I do it because I like driving my peep crazy!  As you can see, I’m very obedient on my walks with my pack.

walking to my dog play

Here are two of my buddies, Basset Hounds are a cousin of mine and are part of the hound family. Just like me, Bassett are scent hounds that were originally bred for the purpose of hunting rabbits and hare. Imagine that considering their legs are even shorter than mine!basset Hound dog play

Best part of the day, having a fun-loving dog chase!

I usually start by chasing one of the big dogs, then we all get involved and just start chasing each other all over the place. Whew, I really get my beagle legs moving.

dogs running and playing

After a day of dog play with my mates, I’m exhausted. When Ross brings me back home I head right to my crate for a little nap dreaming of my next dog walk with my furry dog play

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