Cleaning Up Dog Hair With A Little Help From Vileda – Review

Cleaning Up Dog Hair With A Little Help From Vileda – Review

When my peep has people coming over to the house she usually goes a little bonkers and starts cleaning up the whole house, putting things away and making everything look sparkly. During this time I usually head over to my crate and watch her as she starts to wag her arms around while chanting “dog hair on the carpet and the sofa, paw prints in the foyer, and dog nose art on the garden doors.” over and over again, with some awful music playing in the background.

Jeez… you’d think she’d notice the dog hair on her shirt and just relax knowing that it’s just part of life with a pet…tee hee!

Anyways, when you have a shedding dog, dog hair tends to well…shed and we can’t control where its going to land.  It seems to fall in places where peeps usually don’t like seeing it, such as the sofa or the kitchen floor. So my suggestion; make sure you bath us and brush us to keep our hair flying all over the place to a minimum. The rest is going to be up to you and using good products that can do the trick just might make it easier.

Knock, Knock…

The good people at Vileda must have been hearing my peep chanting her dog hair song and were kind enough to send us a package of their favorite cleaning products to try out and see if using them would make life a little easier for Trina.

We got a bucket load of products to try and not one of them were edible. I really thought these products were some great tasting new toy to try out, but alas they were for helping to keep my home spick and span.

Vileda Clean Test

vileda reviewSo while I sauntered over to the patio doors to finish off my last piece of dog nose art,   I  headed outside to the garden while my peep started using  her new Vileda products all over the house and see how they would work on cleaning up dog hair.

She started in the Kitchen…

Now I’m sure you all know how a dog’s food and water bowl can look after a meal. Grimy bits of food on the side, slimy water bowl that was left overnight… Yuck, better get cleaning those bowls before serving me my breakfast. My bowls inside are ceramic and my water bowl outside is stainless steel and they need to be cleaned differently.

The Non-Scratch Power sponge worked wonders for my ceramic bowls:

cleaning products for dog hair

  • This non scratch scrubber was perfect for the delicate surface of my ceramic bowls.
  • It performs better than a standard scourer as the abrasive does not get blocked by dirt particles.
  • It has this cool 3-D structure so that you do not have to use as much pressure to clean.
  • It’s surface is sealed which means it stays fresher and cleaner for longer and it’s easy to rinse.

More Kitchen and the Foyer

The tricky thing with my dog fur is that it flies all over the place and even with a good vacuum it still requires a good wipe down to get all the bits and fluffy pieces. Using the all-purpose  cloths wet were perfect for cleaning up dog hair on the floor, it was like the hair just wanted to cling to the fabric. After a few wipes the foyer was clean of fur and paw prints.

Bonus Tip

videda cloths are good for cleaning dogs

My peep loved using the Style Sunsplash all-purpose cloths after a rainy walk with me.  She thought they did the tricky perfectly and was much better than using a towel.

  • Really absorbent
  • Durable and strong
  • Flexible and soft on my paws and fur.
They are made with a special blend of fibres and can be used wet to clean off my paws or dry to towel me down. She then just rinsed them in some warm water and hanged to dry.

absorbant towels for dogs

Nose Art

cleaning tools for dog fur

This was my peep’s favorite. She loved how easy it was to use and what a great job it did cleaning up dog art from the windows, its microfibres in the pad cleared the dog hair that gets stuck in my art work with super ease.  The handle can be filled with either water or your favorite cleaning fluid,  then you just hit the spray button which sprays the solution on the pad, wipe and  then your done. You can also remove the pad and pop it into your washing machine to clean it.

 My thoughts

When looking for a good solution to cleaning up dog hair, muddy paws and nose art I’d recommend getting the best products possible to help you clean up quick and easy.

  • Get a good vacuum
  • Find products that are made with microfibres so that the fur clings to the cloth instead of being just moved around.
  • Bath and brush your dog regularly to keep shedding to a minimum.

I think Vileda did a pretty good job in helping my peep make the house look sparkly. They have loads of different products to help you get the job done, including my nose art and cleaning up my dog hair.


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[Disclosure: Vileda sent us some products (pictured above) to try out. All views and opinions are our own.]